One of the reasons people in a vicious addiction - idleness. When he had tilled the land, engaged in trade, how could he lead an idle life?
Abay Kunanbayev

Aytov Nesipbek

Aytov Nesipbek

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Nesipbek Aytov was born on September 22, 1950 in the Tarbagatay region of East Turkestan.


In 1974 graduated from faculty of journalism of S.M.Kirov Kazakh State university. He worked as the literary employee in the Zhana omir (New life) Chubartau regional newspaper. Within several years Nesipbek Aytov managed poetry department in the Baldyrgan magazine, in 1983-1984 worked as an editor in Zhalyn publishing house.


Nesipbek Aytov is the author of such  collections like «Breath of spring», «The first way», «A lay of father», «Echo of time » and so on.


In 1976-1977 Nesipbek Aytov was award-winning of the State Committee of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic on publishing house, polygraph and book trade, the Central Committee of Lenin Young Communist League of Kazakhstan, the Union of writers and Zhalyn publishing houses for poems “Zhar zhurek soga ber” and “Bas suyekter”. In 1974 there was the prize for the poem Nayzagay


N. Aytov is also the laureate of Mukagali Makatayev prize of the Kazakh Union of writers.


In 1988 the writer published the collection of verses «Silver trunk» in Russian which is addressed to readers of school age.