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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Once upon a time there was an old silver haired fellow. Neighbors called him Greyhair. His elder son and two grand-children also lived on the edge of a wood. Every morning he went fishing with his dog Emmy. He had a lot household chores including stocking up firewood for the winter. Once a neighbor approached the old fellow and said:
- «Listen up Greyhair, we need to talk». Old fellow hurried to held leaving all his errands.

- «What is it this time Grishka? What is wrong again?»
His neighbor Gregory always came to the old man to talk about things that bothered him, and to share his worries and concerns. He lived alone. The old fellow was always very bored, he liked to listen to his comrades, sons and grandchildren, but he did not tell anything to anybody for a very long time since his wife died from an illness. He always believed that you can to tell everything only to these people who understand and love you, and not to everybody in a row. This time, Gregory sat down on a bench and began to cry in pain ...

- Today I haven’t received letters from my kindred, I always received letters from them on the 1st day of each month and today I haven’t received anything. The older I get, the more they start to forget about me. They rarely visit me and write to me. I'm so old to do any good.

-What are you talking about? This is silly! I know your daughter Alice and your son Marcel. They love you very much and you know perfectly well how long it takes to reach our wilderness from another country and especially from another continent. Do not worry, everything will be fine. You'll see, you will definitely receive your long-awaited letters. You should just wait and hope. Gregory, almost with tears, grabbed his cane with his both hands turned and said Thank you, Greyhair!

As the days passed, the nights darkened, the old fellow continued to deal with his one-day tasks and to teach his grandchildren. His neighbor Gregory continued to wait and to hope. The old fellow didn’t know how to help Gregory and was very concerned. One day Greyhair decided to help his friend. He wrote a letter and went to the post office. On his way there, he saw a beautiful meadow of magnificent dandelions and blue tulips. – I haven’t ever thing such a beauty!!!!!!!!!! - he said majestically.

- Woof-woof barked his doggie fawning on. The old fellow sat down next to a beautiful tulip. Tulip was woven like a mix of velvet and raindrops. And then he had a hunch. He began to talk ...

- I miss my beloved wife Eliza. I feel so lonely without her. And I would like to tell you, my flower, that I have the most wonderful children, grandchildren and my doggie.

They didn’t leave me alone. I am so sorry for Gregory, I want to support and help him not to lose heart by writing a letter, supposedly from his family. So the old man went on telling everything to his favorite flower and the friend. After second thought the old fellow crumpled the envelope and put it in his pocket.

On his way back home, he was reflecting and tried to remembered the way to his friend and companion The Tulip. Near the gate of his house he was Gregory, who was waiting for him. Jumping with joy and smiling painfully Gregory said: Greyhair! You were right after all ... I did not get the long-awaited letters but my whole family and friends arrived just now. They want me to go with them, I came to say goodbye, to give you my address and to leave you a ticket for a trip to visit me. You're the best friend who taught me to hope and to believe .... And this is really the truth ....

Khamzina Asemgul. Kazakhstan, Astana.

Перевод текста Алия Абаканова-Пистаева Президент ОФ BEST FOR KIDS

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