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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Forced travel. Southern orion



Forced travel. Southern orion

Forced travel. Southern orion

Georges walked along the corridor lazily moving his legs, and was always chewing something.  He always ate and even when he was nervous or happy.  It was more of a habit, so another bad habit ... And this time he stuffed a huge sandwich in his mouth and almost choked on it when he saw something.  Something similar to a huge, almost human-sized spider swiftly approached him, moving quickly on six shaggy, yellow paws with black stripes.  On the back was a bold black cross.  Such spiders, as far as Georges remembered from school textbooks, are very dangerous.

 `` Ah-ah-ah! '' He shouted in horror, backing away, hitting something, he fell and so on all fours tried to crawl in the opposite direction.  His mind refused to understand what was happening, his heart was ready to burst out of his cramped chest into freedom, it was pounding so wildly, his eyes crawled out of their sockets. The spider approached almost tight and Georges, feeling the wall behind his back and realizing that there was nowhere to run further, he was ready to  worse, but when the spider licked his face, he suddenly lost consciousness.  The spider did not understand why its owner was screaming so heart-rendingly and sad.  Whimpering a little, he walked away.  It was a dog.  Some of the jokers dressed him up in a spider costume and in this form sent him for a walk around the vastness of the ship.  Besides, it was All Saints Day.  How could Georges forget about it?  However, he has not celebrated any holidays for a long time, it just so happened.  When Georges regained consciousness, a crowd gathered around and everyone smiled at him so sweetly.
 - Happy All Saints Day! - they shouted - Happy All Saints Day!
- Yes, yes ... Thank you, I barely squeezed out of myself Georges- And you, too, on the holiday ... They helped him to get up and he was still staggering, like a drunken man, trudged to his cabin, but suddenly turned in a completely different direction, not there  where his cabin was.
The dog ran after him, still dragging the stupid masquerade with him.
Aydar was reciting namaz when Georges entered the cabin:
 “I don’t understand, these holidays!” He grumbled, slamming the door behind him.  He was still under the influence of what was happening and could not calm down. - Stupid jokes!  I don’t understand them ..- he spoke to himself, because the interlocutor did not answer him and, as if he didn’t even listen, but that didn’t stop Georges from talking further and didn’t bother him at all.  - he praised Aydar-No Khaleduels and nothing!  Everything. I decided!  You know, I will definitely accept Islam.  And then these Khaleduela are leading me to the grave ... - he said this seriously and without any jokes, and it was all the more absurd to hear it from him.  However, he said this in a fit of rage, when he flared up a little and did not control his emotions.  From what he said to himself, his mood rose, he even smiled and was pleased with himself and left the cabin.  Aydar was still reciting namaz.
In Islam, there really are no such holidays, there is nothing that could frighten people with a masquerade.  everything is calm and simple.
Everyone was happy with this joke and told it to each other, adding new details.

Soft pink sand on an unknown planet in the constellation of Southern Orion rustled pleasantly underfoot.  A bright Sun of bluish-white light shone dazzlingly at the highest point of the bottomless sky.  Blue, as if tinted with gouache, waves licked the sandy shore of the lonely green island.  It was hot.
The captain and his team set foot on the land of this mysterious planet.
She was beautiful!  Beautiful and as dear as the Earth once was!  Sadness pinched the heart of everyone who set foot on this planet.  A dumb pain lumped in my throat.  For another couple of minutes they stood motionless, not taking a step back or forward.  They simply lived this moment, which gave them the memory of the lost Earth.
A small lizard, looking like a dragon with the same mouth and not agile, thick, not ugly paws and bumps on its back, swept past Aydar a few steps from him and buried itself in the sand. A huge black lion with luxurious hair was yawning lazily in the shade of a branchy  wood.  He had just dined and these two-legged guests, who had unexpectedly disturbed his peace, were of no interest to him.  Glancing over them, he stretched like a wild cat and settled down to sleep more comfortably.  Rustles and hum were heard from the wild, uninhabited forest.  This rumble grew with every minute, and when it became completely unbearable, the lazy, black as coal, lion jumped up and got away.
A large, huge snake, similar to a King Cobra with a silvery-greenish color, has crawled to the shore before.  than Aydar managed to scream with fear, pulled a lizard out of the sand and swallowed it.  Once in the bottomless womb, the lizard gnawed the snake's esophagus and crawled out safe and sound.  While ripping apart the snake writhed in pain and died a couple of moments later.  All this happened so quickly that Aydar and his friends and comrades standing next to him did not even have time to say a word or a glance.  They just stood watching what was happening and did not even have time to get scared.
 - Y-yes .. - finally came to himself from what he saw, the law of nature ... Nature itself teaches us never to give up!
 - Aha! - confirmed Aydar- Great she taught this viper a lesson!  Cleverly! - he praised the lizard and smiled with all his mouth. - Yes!
 - And I almost died of fear when I saw this viper .. - moaned Saken
 - And are you here?  - Georges was surprised. - Didn't you stay there?
 - No ... - the cowardly Saken shook his head - You stay there yourself, and I'll stay here ...
 - Secretly made my way .. - summed up the captain.  “Well, come on, hello!” He extended his hand to him and Saken, wiping his palms on his shirt, shook his hand.
“No more surprises,” said the Captain.
 - No ... - Saken agreed. - That's just .. - he began and fell silent
 - What else?  .- was indignant Captain- Speak, do not delay!
 “I'm here!” The professor took a step towards the captain and the crowd parted in front of him.  - It was I who brought him- nodded at Saken John- Tired at all.  Take it and take it .. What doesn't sit at home?  I do not understand.
 - But I understand! - Georges looked into the eyes of the captain, then at Saken - Smell about the gold?  Yes?  - his gaze drilled through Saken.  Saken blushed and betrayed himself with giblets. - We are risking our lives for the sake of science, and he thinks about profit!  Let's give it to that viper to be devoured.  Empty will see how great it is here!  It was not enough to babysit you yet.-Georges flared up and now he will not soon calm down.  Saken was silent as if he typed in his mouth.  What's true is true.  He overheard the conversation, when the captain was talking to someone on the phone, well, he drew conclusions.  And what was what I did not understand.
Saken is a swarthy little fat man, somewhat reminiscent of Quack.  True, Quack was white, and he, Saken, was dark.  That’s the whole difference. I had nothing to do with astronomy and astronautics, space and almost did not understand.  He's an accountant, so an average clerk .. And an accountant is too much for him.  Just an errand boy with the accountant was all.  Now bring it, then take it - it's just about him.  Everyone smiles, sucks up, in general he wants to like it.  So he sits in the accounting department without a suitable education, for beautiful eyes.  Saken's small, black eyes ran back and forth, looking for the boss.  Whom to suck up to, you need to know.  Probably, there is Georges in charge, - thought Saken - shouts a lot!  Saken was about to go up to Georges and wipe the dust with his handkerchief on Georges's boots.  but he recoiled from him as from a leper.  Saken to him, he kicks again.  Then everyone noticed and started joking, and then Saken realized that the main captain was!  And this thought made him ashamed!  He felt so ashamed that he was ready to sink into the ground.  But nowhere to go, you have to endure.  Oh, this Georges!  Well.  wait with me!  Saken mentally clenched his fists and imagined how he would crush him, but then the captain called out to him and Saken followed him.
The whole group was heading into the forest, it was necessary to take samples of land, water and something else for scientific analysis.  It is necessary to study this planet, to understand how it lives and whether it is dangerous for man. The cosmos is great and attractive.  Everything new calls for scientists, giving them food for thought.  Saken lagged behind the group and was soon completely lost.  When he realized that he was completely lost, he was sweating with horror.  He looked around and saw something shiny, like a bar of gold.  his eyes lit up and he wanted to live and enjoy life again. This is the meaning of life! - he whispered to himself - here!  His heart was beating with joy and was ready to jump out of his chest.  He took another step towards the coveted gold and ... found himself suspended from a high tree by his feet with his head down.  He screamed and swayed heart-rendingly, trying to break down and run away, but no matter how he swayed, nothing happened, only his head began to spin even more, blood came to his face.  But nevertheless, he continued to yell, and after a couple of minutes a crowd of savages with a bull's head on their shoulders, in the place where a human head should have been, crowded under his nose, surrounding him.  They sniffed it, pulled up their shirt, tore it off and began to chew, swallowing it as if it were a piece of meat or casted cabbage.
When Georges came close and was about to go to the rescue of his comrade, Aydar stopped him and pointed to the stirring bushes nearby.  From there a hungry lion crawled out roaring and headed straight for the savages.  With lances and sticks, they drove away the lion, forgetting about their prey.  Atsdar and Georges secretly made their way to Saken, who was still hanging but no longer screaming, and cut the rope.  Saken fell to the ground.  He wanted to thank his rescuers, but they, covering his mouth with their hand, led him and disappeared into the bushes.  At the cave, at the other end of the forest, on the very edge of the island, the whole team gathered.  There, a wild man with the head of a bull was tied to a huge, thick tree.  Someone came closer and tried to pull off the mask as it seemed to him, but the Mask was not removed.  On the contrary, when they approached him and pulled his head with all their strength, he moaned in pain and kicked, attacking them.  His mouth was drooling and his eyes were bloodshot.  It felt like they were sandwiches, the food itself attacked the mutant and he wanted to devour them every time, but the ropes with which he was tied to the tree were very strong and it was impossible to break them.  So he stood, trying to free himself and devour his tormentors.
- Real! - said Aydar-Mutant.  Right!
 - You are more careful with him ..- Georges warned.
 - What do you say, professor? - asked Captain John
 - Apparently ... - the scientist began, but Saken interrupted him with his remark
 - We must run away from here and the sooner the better! - Saken hid behind Georges and did not even look out from behind his broad back. Here he was comfortable and safe.
Georges stepped aside And Saken, having lost his support, hesitated and trotted like a hare, trying to hide.
 - I thought this was only shown on Ren TV .. - And here, in fact ... Professor, these heads are theirs, this is not a mask! - Aidar was held in surprise and fear, but he overcame the impending horror and added with a smile - It's even funny  ..- smiled Aydar.
 - Yes 1 What are we going to do with this?  the Captain asked.
 - And let's have it for experiments, under observation?  - expressed his opinion John
 “And then it will devour us ourselves!” Saken persisted.
 “You’ll scare everyone here now!” The captain was angry. “Calm down.  Nothing will happen to you! ”He added firmly.
 - How do you say, captain - Saken was pleading with him. - It's up to you ...
Georges was disgusted to listen to all this and he spat so savory that Saken backed away in fear.
 Pitiful fox! Coward! Georges was indignant and was mentally ready to grind him into powder. Saken sensed this and walked away, hiding behind the Captain's back.
The prisoner was tied up and dragged to the side where the ship was supposed to be.
They walked in a chain, one after another, trying to keep up.  We walked step by step, not touching any branches or stones.  Because trees can be poisonous, and besides, every creature crawls on them.  Saken did not know this.  He was already lagging behind his own people and ran as fast as he could, he was very tired.  And when it was completely unbearable and began to suffocate, and his head was spinning with thirst and he could lose consciousness, he grabbed the branch hanging right in front of his nose.  In an instant, his hand was swollen and reddened.  Unbearable itching engulfed the whole body.  Blistered hands and entire body.  It seemed that the worms themselves were crawling under the skin, through his veins.  He screamed, but his scream was stuck in a lump in his throat, and only an inaudible wheeze escaped.  Moments later, he lost consciousness and fell.
The prisoner was brought to the ship and imprisoned.  After a couple of hours, he suddenly spoke up, which even more surprised the whole team.
 -Listen, said the prisoner, I can speak.  You heard right .. Yes, I can speak ... Give me water, I want to drink, he stretched out his hands through the grate and waved them.  His muzzle did not squeeze through the bars, no matter how hard he tried.
 - Tell me what is happening here?  What's going on here? ”The scientist asked and handed him a ladle of water.
The prisoner grabbed it with force so that he almost tore off his hands and eagerly began to drink, then again and again.
Saken woke up in some kind of stinking pit.  It lay at the very bottom, and on top of it were boarded up strong lattices of logs.  Dim light barely penetrated here.  It was almost dark, but he could make out some whitening bones and skulls.
 - And that's good! - said a familiar voice - Very good!
 Was that voice familiar to him or does he think it? No. It couldn't have been Quack! Does this monster look like Quack? But this voice ... Why does it seem so familiar? And those eyes .. Saken could not tear himself away from them ..  They looked straight at him without looking up. As if they stuck into him .. He barely managed to break away from them and again ... Memories flashed through his head .. Here Quack says something to him animatedly .. It seems about gold or not ..  Yes, about him .. Here he sees the torn body of a comrade .. Everyone is horrified .. Nobody expected ... And it feels like he, Saken, is to blame for something .. There is no way to get rid of this feeling as not  Saken tried to persuade his conscience, what oaths he didn’t give, how he didn’t bribe her, it was all in vain ... When he was almost calmed down and here you are! Safe and sound stands before him.  .. And still it’s not a Quack .. After all, he knows that it’s not a Quack, but in his head one thought is spinning Quack, ... Quack ... - Saken thought so intensely that all  sweat and trickles of sweat ran down his face, but he didn't even feel it ...
The head of a bull came to the grate, or rather it was a man with the head of a bull.
 - Quack?  Saken recalled, Didn't he die? How did he get here?  And a minute later, already sucking up to Quack, he groaned in a sweet voice:
 -Dear Quack!  Is that you?  Haven't seen each other for a long time! ”Saken melted into a smile.
 - A long time ago ... Since the day I stayed there ... But come on ... Now I am here safe and sound and even better than before!  True?  Did you like my new look? - asked Quack
 “You’re out of your mind!” Saken thought, but said aloud:
 -Great !!  Let me out, huh? He moaned
- I'll let you out, and you bring them to me, okay?  You to me, I to you! - offered Kryak - I will show them how to throw a comrade in trouble!  - these words finally convinced Saken that Quack was standing in front of him, albeit a little out of his mind ..
 If only to get out, and then whatever happens! - Saken thought and agreed.
 - And so that you don't run away, - Quack said slyly, this comrade, he pointed to the mutant who just entered, will go with you.  But don't be afraid .. In order not to disrupt our plan, he will walk nearby and no one will even notice.  And if you strive to escape or deceive me, then in an instant he will tear you into thousands of small pieces and dine on your meat .. - Quack smiled as if he were talking about some ridiculous joke.
Goose bumps went to Saken.  In a moment he imagined how he was being devoured alive by this beast and his soul crawled into his heels .. into his heels .. Saken was released.
From around the corner, suspicious rustles and the crash of falling objects were heard .. The mutant sniffed the air and smelled the smell of a human body .. It alerted him ..
Aydar, lost in the forest in search of a lost friend, accidentally came across here and witnessed this conversation.  It was he who did not notice the barrel in the twilight and knocked it over.  This rumble made Quack alert.  He searched everything around, but never finding anything calmed down, deciding that one of his own had knocked over the barrel.
Aydavr, hiding behind a snag, sighed with relief ...
The burrow in which he found himself was the entrance to a deep cave inside the rock.  After passing, through which it was possible to get into a tunnel leading to a secret laboratory.  This tunnel was all blue-green slurry.  And if you go inside, then a person or any living creature disappears without a trace .. Aydar held out his hand and the hand disappeared into a vile, cold liquid.  Then the other hand and that one also disappeared, but he did not even feel any pain, fear.  as if the hand had disappeared into a fog.  not more.  He is interested and he took a step and disappeared.  ...

 - I was not always like this - the prisoner began his confession after after long hours of painful stay in a cage.  It was breaking.  He screamed as if his bones were being rolled through a meat grinder, although the overseers did not make any effort.  They did not understand his behavior, did not understand anything.  The prisoner did not allow anyone to come near him and did not talk to anyone.  On the hands of the scientist conducting the examination of the prisoner found traces of injections.  A whole chain in three rows circled like a snake throughout the vein, leaving black bruises.  this is what pushed the scientist to some thoughts .. But so far these were just bare suspicions without proof.  There is no evidence to support the scientist's doubts.  it only remained to wait ...
And then after a while the prisoner began to speak .. badly .. Barely pronouncing words, loudly bursting .. But still managed to understand his speech, albeit with great difficulty.
- I am a sea man ..- the prisoner gave out- We lived like in paradise on this planet until He appeared, the one who destroyed everything .... Oh!  - the prisoner groaned, remembering everything with pain- This is painful .. It is unbearable ..
 - Speak ..- the scientist said soothingly- I am listening to you ..
 - -He has powdered our brains ... He promised a lot .. And look who I am now .. I am a bull!  Get it into my hands!  - he grabbed the bars and began to shake them with frantic force, as if it was his offender .... They barely calmed him down, giving him an injection of a sedative, and he fell asleep in the serene sleep of a baby.  Nothing else has yet been found out ...
 - What did you manage to find out?  - asked the captain - What do you think it is?
 - I have one thought and I'm working on it - the scientist answered. - This is an anti serum ...
The laboratory that Aydar got into was neglected.  Dust and cobwebs in all corners blackened like nets set apart.  fragments of glass and flasks and something else were scattered about everywhere.  There is blood on the floor, walls and even on the ceiling.  A persistent, vile smell was everywhere.  The sight of the blood made the young man sick and, covering his mouth and nose with a handkerchief, walked further into the interior of the room ... Everywhere there was the same thing: blood, dirt, debris, broken glass and equipment ...
Dim light barely illuminated the laboratory.  Aydar was about to leave, when his attention was attracted by one tightly blocked compartment.  A heavy steel door, locked tightly, separated him from the whole room.  Curiosity overcame the impending fear and the man tried to open the door, but she did not give in.  Then he took, lying nearby, a heavy, cast-iron crowbar and tried to break it.  After several attempts, the door gave way, revealing its secret.  Entering inside, he saw, leaning against the wall, seemingly dead, a man chained to the wall.  He was still alive.  All black, with bruises and bruises, with a bruised face, he barely moved his lips, trying to say something.  Aydar came closer.
 - Gold card ..- he heard- What are you talking about?  Not understanding anything?  - asked Aydar
 - There is a Gold Card in the safe ... - repeated the dying man
 - What is this treasure? - Aydar did not understand
 - The formula of salvation .... - whispered the dying man and passed out.
As soon as he whispered the last words, he heard the hurrying steps of those entering the laboratory.  They were looking for something and now they were approaching this compartment.
 - Listen Sir!  If he doesn't say the formula now, then we will ... '' one voice said loudly and emotionally.
 - Do not rush ... - answered the second, almost in a whisper.
- But how?  We have been fighting with him for so long, and he is still silent! ”The first voice did not give up.
 - I said .. Let's not to-ro-drink-sya! - syllables, barely restraining, answered the second voice, but already in a higher tone.
 - As you say .. - the first was perplexed and fell silent.
Aydar stood at the very entrance and when one of them made a step towards him, he was hit on the head and passed out.  The second, frightened and screaming for help, jumped out of the laboratory, but received a blow to the head with a non-frail piece of iron, too, fell and lost consciousness just a few steps from the first.
Probing the pockets of the dead, Aydar found a whole chain of keys and, picking up the lock, freed the prisoner from the chains.
Shrugging it on his shoulders, he dragged him almost to the end of the laboratory, but when he heard the wounded prisoner come to his senses, he stopped.
 -Here ..- he whispered- To the right five steps, then to the left three ..
Aydar did everything as he said, following the indicated route, he ended up at the bookcase.
 - Move him ... - the wounded gave instructions
When the cabinet was pushed aside, they saw a safe in the wall.
 - 453894 ... - the wounded man whispered the code.
Aydar dialed the code and the heavy, steel door of the safe opened with a bang.  Inside were several flasks with a gray-green liquid .. As it turned out, it was an anti serum, an antidote.
 - It's almost ready .. - said the wounded man - there is very little left and the lives of so many people will be saved.  But unfortunately, I did not have time and will not have time.  I'm dying .. ”He took another breath and rolled his eyes.
 - Not.  You cannot give up everything. - shouted Aydar - you must save people .. - he was confused and did not know what to do ...

When Georges entered, everyone was discussing something animatedly.  Coming closer to them, he heard only one word, or rather the name “Quack” and “quack.” Not understanding anything, he shouted down to everyone, making them shut up:
 - What kind of Quack? - he yelled - Are you all crazy ?!  He has been resting in heaven for a long time.
 - He is alive, one of them said calmly.
 - Rather, we think that he probably escaped .. - said the captain - But we doubt it.
 - Good.  Let's say he's alive.  Then where is he?  - asked Georges, barely restraining himself.
 “I know where,” Saken said timidly and added, “If you're not afraid, I can show you the way,” Saken said, cleverly narrowing the already narrow slits instead of eyes.
 - I'm not afraid! - Georges answered clearly.
 - We are with you!  - the others supported him and all together left the cabin and followed the Saken in front.
The leader of the mutants, mind-reading and hypnotic, sat on the throne.  He's not Quack at all.  He just read Saken's thoughts and passed them off as reality.  The leader was obsessed with power and money.  Only power and money made him happy and only about them he could think.  He is a choked professor who came up with a formula for conquering the whole world, but something went wrong and instead of power and gold, he turned from a sea man into a half bull.  And this transformation has continued to this day.  Gradually losing the ability to think like a man, having lost all spiritual values, he turned into an animal and could no longer restrain animal instincts.  Therefore, when people entered his lair, he pounced on the first one in front of him and tore him to pieces, ate his flesh.  The rest fled in horror.  And when the captain was the last to leave, he noticed how the door opened from the darkest corner of the hole and Aydar came out from there with flasks in his hands and stopped, having made a couple of steps to meet.  Seeing them, the scientist approached them and immediately realizing what the matter was, carefully took out one flask of yellow liquid from the inner pocket of his robe.  By combining both liquids, they got an explosive.  a boiling mixture that immediately changed its color to a bright red.
 “Anti serum?” The captain guessed.
 “She herself!” The scientist answered, still stirring the mixture.
 - Is it done now?  - worried Aydar.
- ABOUT!  Yes! - the scientist looked at the light of the mixture.  - All that remains is to find the test subjects ..
A mutant was approaching right at them, and with a snarl he pounced on them, but they twisted him and injected an anti serum.  In an instant he calmed down and calmed down, and after another minute he was so twisted that he howled and disappeared into the hole.  A couple of minutes later, the sea man was dragged out from there.  which cannot do without water for a long time.  He was taken to the river, which flowed nearby, and he felt his home environment and rejoiced and, waving at them, sailed away in an unknown direction.
 - We must catch the ringleader - said Georges and clenched his fists, pretending that he had already caught the mutant - If we catch him, then it will be easier with the rest ... They are like animals, and animals walk in packs ..
 -It's not so simple ..- answered the captain thoughtfully.
 -And what is there to think-Aydar intervened- let's set traps and ready ...- he spoke with such ease, with such frivolity, as if he had come to a bear ..
 -Young man! -The scientist began his speech -This is not a gopher, which you probably went to, although I doubt it, and not even a bear, about which you are hinting when talking about traps. Because traps are placed on a large animal, but here it is  completely different ... There are people here !! Yes, yes!  I dare to notice people here !! Even if they don't look like us at all !!
 `` And what do you propose to hang announcements on the trees? '' Aidar smirked, imagining how animals would read him and he felt completely funny. He wanted to laugh, but the scientist looked at him like that with such a piercing look through the eyes and he fell silent.
- Okay, after a long protracted silence, Georges gave out, you hang up the announcements ... Who knows, maybe they really have something human left .. And I will ambush them ... I'll dig a hole, put the most yummy stuffed with whey there.  .. and I will be waiting for the guests .. the doctor-George turned to the scientist-serum in this form will work or is it necessarily intravenous?
 -I think so .. That way 50 to 50 ...- confirmed the doctor- That's the way the poisons are diluted ... I'm not exactly sure about the positive outcome of the operation, but there is a chance ..
 -OK!  - Georges rejoiced and, full of determination, typing more air into his lungs, gave out in one breath - Well, then I went!  With God !! See you here in six hours!
The whole group did not write by hand a couple of announcements, hung up within a radius of one hundred meters from the starting point and began to wait. Under a spreading tree resembling an old, thick oak in its girth, they dragged a table and a couple of stools from somewhere ..

An angry and hungry predator slipped past this little understandable piece of paper ... His stomach was cramping with hunger and he was not averse to eating a couple of gophers, but apparently today is not his day, because he could not catch anything.  Moreover, they say all sorts of things .. A threat loomed in the air, the smell of fried. Already for several days he did not leave the feeling of anxiety.  Noticing a strange object, he stopped, sniffed it and, recognizing the familiar taste of ink, whined like a dog and wilted.  His whole life flew by in fragments before his eyes, and this only made it more painful. He suddenly remembered that he was a man.  At the thought, he even straightened up, hid his spirit, and the struggle was still going on between the man as he was and the animal as he was becoming.  And the person who lived in him would have lost this fight, if not for the memory of his first love, which he could not forget, even in this guise.  However, the memory flashed and caught fire with all the colors because of a small piece of paper.  Then he tore a piece of paper from the tree and walked away
Georges dug a shallow hole and filled it with all kinds of food, stuffed to capacity with serum, and began to wait for the guests, hiding in the nearby bushes.
An exciting, sweet smell quickly spread through the forest, attracting and beckoning hungry mutant predators. A couple of hours and all or almost all of the guests gathered at the table.  Having devoured everything in a split second, they silently went home without even thanking the owner.  Expecting an instant miracle and not receiving it, Georges was at first discouraged, but remembering that all medications mostly act gradually, calmed down and after waiting another couple of hours, went to examine the surroundings and the nearest bushes.
 ..This way they saved this planet. Everyone who came on the ad, everyone who was caught, was injected with an anti serum and they became the same again.  And those who fell for the trick Georges also managed to save. Everyone who has not yet completely turned into a bull. I must say.  that the sea people also helped as much as they could.  They helped to get a bunch of all kinds of yummy for Georges' operation.  It is a pity, of course, that there was not enough anti serum for all.  The scientist and his team managed to make only a box of silt two of this anti serum using the formula found, but no more.  The most important, the one who pretended to be Quack, could not be saved.  It was already late and the animal overcame the man in him, completely changing his appearance and not only.  So the first bulls appeared, But they did not pose a threat to the sea people.  They just chewed weed and bellowed when they wanted to say something.
 ... Aydar was lying on the Sun, having substituted his face for him and fell asleep imperceptibly for himself.  Cool waves caressed the shore, a light breeze whirled over the clouds.  Bliss calms the soul and no longer wants to go anywhere or even move.  Aydar slept right on the seashore and saw colored dreams when light curls smelling of the sea touched his face.  He opened his eyes and saw a beautiful stranger with bright fiery red curls reaching down to his shoulders.  She smiled at him and called for him.  There, at the bottom of the sea, he saw a fabulous city decorated with colorful stones and corals.  He even went to the Temple of Music and was able to pick up a couple of notes.  It seemed to him .  that he sings well, but when he looked around, he saw bewilderment on their faces ...
He would like to stay here forever, but he missed the sun.  He understood.  that cannot live without the sun.  And they parted.  They remained just friends, the closest and kindest friends.  The next morning, the entire team, led by the captain, left this wonderful planet.  They returned home, to their mother, to their relatives.  Aydar missed his mother and was in a hurry to go home.  Home is where mom lives.  And this is the truth!

The end.

 © Copyright: Rаisa Karimbaeva, 2015
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