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Akhmet Baitursynuly
Thorny path
Thorny path
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Thorny path
Saken Seyfullin's “Thorny path” - a work of art about reality of rough years in Kazakhstan. Sabit Mukanov said: “Thorny path” is, on the one hand, a history, on the other hand, - the textbook of the political primer and from the third hand – the most interesting work of art grasping the reader”. The literary critic S. Kirabayev called this book «Chronicle of revolutionary struggle». S. Seyfullin's purpose was to fix in writing form the historical events of 1916-17-18, the great revolutionary changes which he could see personally. “Thorny path” - the historical and memoirs novel. It means that this book is about real historical events in which the author participated or which he personally and authentically knew.
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