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10 interesting facts about Constitution of Kazakhstan

27.08.2017 503

10 interesting facts about Constitution of Kazakhstan

10 interesting facts about Constitution of Kazakhstan  -

1993 - Kazakstan Republic's Constitution in nineteen ninety-three is Constitution principal in a modern and present day time periods of Qazaqstan's returning Independence as the nation and country. and it was accepted at the 9th session of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan of 12th convocation on January 28, 1993. Its structure included preamble, 4 sections, 21 chapters and 131 articles. The Constitution absorbed many legal norms adopted with Kazakhstan’s state sovereignty: national sovereignty, state independence, principle of the separation of powers, recognition of Kazakh language as state language, recognition of the President as the Head of state, and judicial authorities — Supreme, Constitutional and Supreme Arbitration Courts, and to name but a few. The Constitution of 1993 was based on the model of parliamentary republic. Along with the laying down Kazakhstan’s Independence the Constitution of 1993 reflected complexity and inconsistency of the early years of the country’s independence. On the one hand, it fixed legal frameworks for further transformation of all aspects of republic’s activity in the line of market economy and democratic state formation. On the other hand, the Constitution caused discussions on the competence of legislative and executive branches of power because the text missed this issue. This didn’t contribute to both the stabilization of political and social situation in the country and transformation of all aspects of public life. Moreover, some principal provisions of the Constitution related to the character of statehood, state language, private ownership of land and citizenship became the subject of public controversy.

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