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Smaghul Eluwbay: Today, commercial literature has appeared on the front lines of worldwide literature...

06.09.2017 114

Smaghul Eluwbay: Today, commercial literature has appeared on the front lines of worldwide literature...

Kazakh writer and author Smaghul Eluwbay thinks that today, commercial literature has appeared on the front lines of the worldwide literature. Mr. Eluwbay believes that nowadays, the situation of literature, especially realistic-classical literature is difficult. "Today, commercial literature has appeared on the front lines of worldwide literature..." - said Kazak writer Smaghul Eluwbay. In particular, Smaghul-aga examples such authors as Stephen King from the United States of America, Haruki Murakami from Japan, Boris Akunin from Russian Federation, Paulo Coelho from the Federative Republic of Brazil that they are founded commercial novels. Author Eluwbay believes that you'll read it shortly, but you'll soon forget what you read about. Also, he thinks that you do not go back to read it the second time. Writer Smaghul-aga criticizes popular commercial literature against the classical literature. And the power of classical literature - you are turning into a lifetime. His spiritual power, loaded upon him by the artist, does not last forever.

Modern-day readers, however, have converted classics into commercial literature. They have lost their classic literature comparing to commercial literature after the iPhone's App stores and etc. When you go to the store, there's a breeze in the commercial literature that goes through them. The classic is on the shelf. We are Mailin and Auezov's graduates. After seeing the situation, we were shocked. To be honest, we were afraid to write. To keep up-to-date with readers, you need to use a commercial literature method. And we think that the commercial literature written for such money hates dogs. That is why we are not writing. And if you write literature in a classic tradition, it does not have a reader. It is difficult to stop commercial literature. After all, it's hard to deal with money today. It's hard to deal with money-consuming behavior. The whole world becomes a slave of this behavior and produces commercial literature. Here is the stagnation of classical-realistic literature. Especially in Kazakhstan over the last 30 years, classical literature seems to be stuck. But you can not say no. Written by representatives of realistic literature. But we were shocked by the great novels written in the same style. Who reads it? That is why, when translated into English, the "white yurt" was so greatly reduced. After all, English-speaking readers of the world live in our classic literature and deny their classic literature. Where's the Cheyenneau yesterday? But true talent is from the Lord. If a command comes from God, the true talent writes to the dead. In the year 2000, I stopped the prose after the trilogy. Because there is no order from above. There is no literary idea that is going to break up. That's why I'm just doing cinema drama. Literature is so sacred. Tomorrow he will not be read or fired - he is the writer's death. Even though there is only one book, let us say that the book is a book on the bookshelf, without leaving behind it.

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