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5 Quotes about drama / playwriting from Jolltay Al...

01.02.2017 1802

5 Quotes about drama / playwriting from Jolltay Almashuli

5 Quotes about drama / playwriting from Jolltay Almashuli -


1. Speaking of the Kazakh drama / playwriting - one thing is clear. Here is the truth, about which we can speak without secrets: the Kazakhs has drama / playwriting, it was before and it will be in future.

2. The dramaturgic works will always consist from two stages. The first stage - is a text. This is - an original work of the playwright, the destiny of the next stage in the director's hands.

3. The most important condition for the improvement of the creative relationship between the playwright and the director - they have to look for each other, but not to look in two different directions. How nice it'll be if between them will be golden bridge which will be more expensive than friendship.

4. If we want that Kazakh drama has reached a level where it will have its own share in current world literature, when our drama could follow this contemporary world literature, first of all, we must pay attention to the folk drama. Of course, folk playwriting should cover not only the issues of the Kazakh people, but also the problems of mankind.

5. Even those nations who's number is less than a million trying to take their place in the world civilization. It is valid law! The most appropriate way to bring our civilization to the world level - it's the development of drama / playwrighting. - Literary Portal

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