One of the reasons people in a vicious addiction - idleness. When he had tilled the land, engaged in trade, how could he lead an idle life?
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Presentation of the 10-volume anthology of the Kazakh poetry

03.02.2015 862

Presentation of the 10-volume anthology of the Kazakh poetry

February 4, the National library of the RK (Almaty): The presentation of the 10-volume anthology of the Kazakh poetry "Zhyr marzhany" will take place. 


The anthology was published under the direction of akim of Atyrau area B. S. Izmukhambetov and included more than 3000 chosen works, 678 Kazakh poets. Earlier in 1977, a two-volume anthology of the Kazakh Soviet poetry was published, and also the two-volume anthology prepared in 2007 by well-known literary critic Sauytbek Abdrakhmanov. 

Therefore, the 10-volume anthology is the first attempt in the history of the Kazakh literature to aggregate so impressive number of authors and texts. 

Each author is supplied with the biography and a portrait by the artist Altay Aytzhanov. The anthologists: Mereke Kulkenov and Gulsim Mukysheva. The preface belongs to the poet Temirkhan Medetbekov.

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