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About the creative path of Azamat Baigaliyev and h...

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About the creative path of Azamat Baigaliyev and his book ‘We are all Martians’

About the creative path of Azamat Baigaliyev and his book ‘We are all Martians’ -

In 2018, a new collection of fantastic stories by a young and gifted writer of Qazaqstan Azamat Baigaliyev entitled ‘We are all Martians’ was published.

The collection includes about 20 short stories covering different topics, including space adventures and author’s philosophical thoughts about childhood, war and peace.

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The title of the new collection was given by the story ‘We are all Martians’. It is a story about values that we learn in the family, about the first frustrations and disappointments in life.

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The collection also includes Azamat Baigaliyev’s favorite story “Let’s hit the road”. It is a story about a father and a son, who went travelling together, but they could not build a dialogue because of contrasting views.

And only when they drifted apart, it turned out that a Civil War had begun in the country, which deepened the distance between close people. They found themselves on opposite sides of the barricades ...

The other interesting story from the book “To Get to the Rainbow”. It is a story about how three children make a wish standing at the edge of the Sky. The girl wants her father not to beat her mother, the boy, who has a birthday at that day wants to have a strawberry pie baked by his mom. And the third boy wants to witness war.

“I want the war to start – if it will happen we will become generals, there is a chance to be big rulers,” he says.

Children feel the terrible power of such a desire and decide to drop the idea…

According to the writer, his favorite topic is Life After the Apocalypse.

Azamat Baigaliyev is a big fan of such writers as Ernest Hemingway, Sergey Lukyanenko, Mukhtar Auezov and Olzhas Suleimenov.

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His father is Qazaq, and mother is Buryat (Buryats are the largest indigenous group in Siberia). Azamat Baigaliyev intentionally does not give definitions of the nation or the faith of his heroes.

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The young writer published his first book, being a 10th grade student of one of the secondary schools of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Azamat Baigaliyev is a journalist, editor, writer, communications expert.

He is an author of collections of fantastic stories ‘The Road to the East’ (2002) and ‘Dancing with Pelicans’ (2005).

His works were published in literary journals ‘Novy Mir’ (Russia), ‘Prostor’, ‘Amanat’, ‘Niva’ (Qazaqstan), almanacs ‘21 stories of writers of Qazaqstan’, ‘Anthology of Qazaqstan fiction’, ‘Proze in the Steppe’, ‘Baikonur 2011’ and others.

Azamat Baigaliyev is the winner of the award of the Foundation named after the famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov, as well as other international and republican literary competitions.

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