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About the first stories of the writer Orazkhan Akh...

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About the first stories of the writer Orazkhan Akhmed 12+

About the first stories of the writer Orazkhan Akhmed -

An aphorism that “An art of speech is like a disease” is definitely true for those who live in difficult times and have made the art of speech their destiny. After all this, isn't that garden and sorrow born of words?! This is evidenced by the complex life of the moon horns of literature, that lived in difficult times and described the life of the country in words. Of course, this is not a story to be spread here. The discerning reader will understand what we are trying to convey. An immeasurable power of art without borders is common to all of us. And nowadays, we all know that the life of Chinese writers, who reached a certain stage and dedicated their lives to the creation and improvement of Kazakh literature, was not without its challenges. Despite the fact that the modern world is on the slopes, it has not been able to extinguish the fire of art, and to nurture the talents of the most talented people. On the contrary, the path of suffering equal to the Day of Judgement. So that, a gifted citizen by nature has become a symbol of society and the meaning of life. At the same time, Orazkhan Akhmetov is one of the hard-working writers who made a great contribution to the development of Chinese Kazakh literature.

Of course, the personal place of our senior writers, who grew up reading their works at school, has reached the great heights in our hearts. Not only respect for Ershim's work, but also our joy. It is impossible for an ordinary person to work hard to raise the status of the art of speech, even if he is on the painful path driven by fate. Today, the glorious life of some old writers, who reached the glorious age of eighty with their fundamental works, is thought-provoking. That's why, I think we should look differently at the works that were born in the dark days and were like a trail of life. To be honest, even though I have read almost all of their works, I did not immediately dare to criticize and comment on the works of these writers. This was not because I did not have the ability to analyze his work, but because I thought about the circumstances in which it came to be, and I realized that it required a great deal of responsibility. Sometimes, before we get rich, we try to make light comments with a subjective impression that the work is like this or that, or to look at it from today's point of view and consider it in accordance with the strict criteria of the critical genre. Of course, all this is a matter of time. So, it would be possible to give some facts about it. However, since the subject is only the work of Orazkhan Akhmetov, we are encouraged to interrupt our introduction here.

The writer, who took his first steps in literature with the story “The Little Artist”, have worked tirelessly in fiction for more than half a century, constantly working to bring the great work of the nation's literature to a higher level. The four novels, more than twenty stories, about fifty stories are not a small achievement. In each of the works of the talented writer, who has been a lifelong admirer of the art of speech and a true expert in one genre, we recognize his unique character and intelligent personality. It is an obvious fact that Orazkhan Akhmetov is a real writer, an artist who has found his own style, from a small genre to the large novel.

Style is a testimony to the fact that the writer has formed and found his own creative way. We are talking about Orazkhan Akhmetov as a stylist – a common feature of the writer's long career and similar stylistic features in many of his works. If we divide the work of a similar type into a work or genre style, in accordance with the creative individuality of the writer – the style of the writer. Here, the writer's style is formed when all the established creative skills of the writer, a clear signature, a variety of creative features that show the facets of mastery are combined together. First of all, the individuality and diversity of style depends on the writer's worldview, experience and knowledge of the social life in which he lives, and, secondly, on the writer's skill, breadth of artistic thinking, intelligence and linguistic richness.

A writer who writes his whole work in the same style and same way is unlikely to be a successful artist. Each stage has its own breath, individual character of truly perfect works, born in different plans. And in the process of writing those works, the writer is constantly searching and trying to find a style that is different from the original program and writing skills. This diversity in the style of the work, especially the stylistic individuality – also depends on the artistic power of the work and the scale of the theme. However, only when these similarities become the common core of the writer's whole creativity, the writer's individuality, and the stylistic character becomes clear. The common feature of Orazkhan Akhmetov's works is that he was able to incorporate the Kazakh style of oral discourse into his artistic creativity. Narrative is a clear sign in the language of his entire work, and a unique stylistic symbol as well. One of the most significant features of Orazkhan Akhmetov's work is that he is able to convey what he wants from afar.

The formation and individualization of the writer's style is influenced by many different factors. A formation of style depends on the environment created by the writer, the acquired knowledge, political and social objects, various phenomena in the search for creativity, and so on. Everything influences the style of the work or the style of the writer. Style is not just a writer's signature, it is one of the most important issues in art. Not to mention the role of the search and artistic environment in the formation of the writer's style in connection with the works of Orazkhan Akhmetov. This is no longer the only feature of Orazkhan Akhmetov's work. On the contrary, it is a common phenomenon in the whole literature. A work is the fruit of worldview. The work is the writer himself. The writer introduces one aspect of his life, depicting the phenomenon of life, the details of reality. From this, we know that the environment in which the writer lived and the political atmosphere also left its mark on his creative style. A social environment contributes to the formation of the writer's worldview, and the worldview is an important factor influencing the formation of style. Another is the writer's style, that is formed through the search of the writer in the process of artistic creation, that is, learning from advanced literary models. This means a change of style. Style is a characteristic of a particular writer or genre, but it is contagious. In other words, the style, imprint, and writing style are formed through the transformation of style into the program, perception and learning of the writing style of the previous generation by the next generation. Or, the sign of one genre can meet and mix in another genre, work. This is called a change of styles. As a proof of this idea, let's name one of the works of Orazkhan Akhmetuly`s, written in imitation of the works of older writers. For example, the story “Duregey” is a street story about how a dog can be loyal to its owner and do his duty, without losing his qualities, when people cannot be brotherly and loyal to each other, move away from personality traits, and they are more vulnerable and cruel than animals. Of course, there are many positive works on the subject of zoology in the world literature. How many works in Kazakh literature are based on the story “Kokserek” by Mukhtar Auezov and the story “Death of bowl” by Mukhtar Magauin?! However, each writer was able to convey a similar theme with a unique artistic clarity and stylistic touch.

There are many ways to discover the essence of a writer's style. At the same time, the stylistic features of each writer are different. If one writer often relies on various components of psychology in his works (monologue, dialogue, internal analysis), now, one writer is able to narrate and describe the author. All aspects, such as the creation of the plot of the work, the placement of the plot, the individualization (typification) of the character, personalize the style of the writer, determine the aspects of mastery. In this sense, Orazkhan Akhmetov's creative style is mainly reflected in the author's narrative. The story, social environment and scenery are as touching as a fairy tale told by an old man from the village. There is no detailed description of nature. However, one of the advantages of the writer is that each episode in the work can be created in an indivisible unity, without moving; He would deliver without hesitation, with one breath and respiration. These features have become an outstanding feature of Orazkhan Akhmetov's entire works, forming his own signature and style.

Literature is a figurative, figurative representation of life that has become an art. Using the word as a weapon, the writer transforms the truth into an image, a world of art, and uses art to shape the reality of existence. The main feature of the story genre is a vivid detail of a single event in public life, describing a wide range of issues and raising it to the artistic reality. Orazkhan Ahmet is considered to be a writer who was able to leave a clear mark in the genre of short stories, even with a thorough analysis of social issues through the character of the protagonist.

During the analysis of Orazkhan Akhmet's stories, what artistic images did the writer create in the genre of short stories? There are legitimate questions as to what important issues he raised and what steps he took to set an example and succeed. Of course, we do not hide the fact that the author's numerous stories in the collection of short stories “Inextinguishable Candle”, “Spring Thoughts” are not devoid of vulgarities, such as the use of unnecessary idioms in terms of language or ideological purpose of the topic. It's worth noting that in the Chinese Kazakh prose we do not want to find flaws in the old writer, who has his own style and way of writing, and become a seer and connoisseur. However, criticism is not tolerated here. In particular, it is not the job of a true writer to be critical or honest. It is a violation of art, disrespect for the writer and art.

Although most of the stories in the above two collections are considered to be the author's first works as a test of the pen, as a collection of experience, even the first step in prose is a trace of the great artist's ingenuity and search.

An author's story “Little Artist” is based on the content of the story, such as the serious nature of the demand for “My” brother, the art of drawing and respect for his work, and the story is told from the point of view of “me”. Of course, the story clearly shows the group of inexperienced pen. First of all, there are some shortcomings in the sentence system. Let`s consider the main paragraph of the story: “People were intrigued by his actions and words. He was called “Little Artist” by those who knew him, so it became a household name. That's how he got the name “Little Artist”, so the story goes on. If the writer had reconsidered the story right now, he would have crossed out the phrase. That's how he actually got the name “Little Artist”. After all, an expositional statement about the identity of his character Talap ends with the previous sentences. There is also confusion in the sentence at the beginning of the next paragraph, “One evening I found a new white notebook in the box”. It should have been “Inside the box", not “From the box”. However, from this preface, we can see the advantages of the writer in the plot (albeit simple), such as conciseness and brevity.

The story “My friend” tells the story of a poor boy who was orphaned and destitute, and the story “In the gorge” tells a short story about going to the mountains in order to clean the spring. In the story “Stormy night”, the hero Token and Alibek are exposed to the snowstorm on the way to winter, then Token protects a sheep from the pack of wolves in a snowstorm. The works such as “During the Harvest”, “Rescue”, “White Rabbit” are not suitable for the requirements of the genre of the story, the message is given in the narrative language of the article. However, out of the nine stories in the collection of short stories “Inextinguishable Light”, the story “Stormy Night” can be considered as a work that shows a trace of the search. It is known that the nomadic economic life of the Kazakh people, the nomadic way of life was the basis of many works of classical writers. A great writer, Mukhtar Auezov, skillfully described the changing nature and beauty of nature in his stories “Pictures of the steppe”. A protagonist of the classic writer Takhawi Akhtanov's novel “Storm” (Mystery of the steppe), Kospan also tells about his bravery in fighting with wolves in a snowstorm. And, it is clear that this story by Orazkhan Akhmetov is a quest of ancient writers. Even though he is a child in the story, he combines Token's courage and endurance with a picture of nature.

One of the shortcomings of Orazkhan Akhmet's stories is that he even turns the smallest of his experiences into a story. This is often the case with the author's first two collections. Although the story genre is small, it is a delicate and difficult genre that requires a great skill and elegance. Not all realities and truths turn into works of art at once. And, not every story is the same as the story genre. It is tasteless to write about the phenomena of public life or any event based on the work. Although all the phenomena of life are the object of the work, it is unlikely to be a living detail that conveys an artistic idea. In order for a writer's work to be impressive and lively, he must be able to sort and summarize the events (details) and turn them into typical plots. Typing the story and character is one of the conditions for the success of the work. Typical plots are based on the contradictions and struggles in life. A writer selects the image through various complex contradictions and important events in life, turns them into the plot of the work, creates the image of the protagonist, reveals the many facets and secrets of life, and offers artistic ideas as well. In line with this view, we would like to point out that these facts, that turn an event into a story, are a common flaw in many prose writers.

There are many talented writers who have written great works, and even the works that cannot be criticized at all. The same can be said about the works of Orazkhan Akhmet. However, there are two issues to consider: first, it focuses on all the works of the author, who has his own trace in the literature, the analysis of his first steps in art, the stages of creative search are to reveal the whole artistic world of the writer. Secondly, a work of art has its own life. Each work is a mirror of its own color, the voice of that society. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the work in connection with the time of writing. Some of Orazkhan Akhmet's works are based on the events of the same era – the “Great Cultural Revolution”. Honestly, there is a tendency in the writer's stories, novels that often seems to be repeated in his novels and entire work. It is a reflection of the writer's own experience, that is, the events of the “Great Cultural Revolution”. An episode in one story, the protagonist in the next work. The writer even manages to give extra names (nicknames) to most of the characters (of course, we thought it was a Kazakh character). For example, Sumuryn Abdil is mentioned in the story “Spring Thoughts”, and he is called “Sumuryn Abdil” in the story “Ata Mura”. The person “Rakhimbay” in Rakhimbay's story is also mentioned in the story “The man who chose the profession”: “And Rakhimbay's uncle Rakhimbay also entered a bright new house and rested on his shoulders ...”. There is nothing wrong with the similarity of the names of the characters, but it is a challenge for a talented writer, if the character of the protagonist in one work remains the same in the next. Going through the whole work “In one robe” or changing the tone of the thoughts and events expressed in one work in the next work – a sign that the writer could not find a single and fresh way. The repetition of the thought and a single step do not cease to bore the reader, so they make the work worthless.

Without paying attention to the first collections, that are the beginning of the writer's work, we cannot know that he grew up stylistically and individualized. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the stories of Orazkhan Akhmetov in the collections of works “Spring Thoughts”, “The Last Tears”. A story “Spring Thoughts” compares hard work and pride, based on the rural life of the commune. The writer explains that the change in the character is due to the contribution of society. In fact, a change of consciousness is inseparable from the development of society. Man is created by society, revived by the epoch. In this story, “Four syphilis disturbed everyone. He also disturbed people's flawless ideas and feelings. We can see not only a social situation at that time, but also the writer's knowledge”. This view of Orazkhan Akhmetov is almost reflected in his works, that are the historical background of the great Cultural Revolution. For example, in the story “Relatives”, he tells the story of a man named Maulen, who was slandered during the great cultural revolution, and the writer believes that the breakdown of human relations is due to the changes of the times.

The story “When the plan was discussed” was written in the footsteps of the above work, and the exaggerated criticism of the “Cultural Revolution” was criticized as well. The purpose of the author is to praise a hard work, to sing about the work and life of the peasants in the village. The story “Village Man” also tells about ordinary village life. He praises the deeds of Omirtai, who is honest, kind and humane, and promotes morality and honesty. “Zhyr kaynary” is the story that tells about the escape of a girl named Kulan to her boyfriend, her mood, and the song of the heart. An author wanted to raise the theme of free, sincere love and equality. However, this work is not described in such a way that the equality of women can be reflected in the power of love, the equality of marriage. The story “Red Flower” tells about my mood and wishes, that were justified and returned too. He hopes that the next generation will not fall into the trap of the narrow time, which stole the spring of youth and love, and will survive the spiritual loss. In the story “Mother and Child”, the main event of the story is the treatment of the sick grandmother (Jamila) by the child (Turgan), bringing the koumiss to the grandmother in accordance with the doctor. The author's goal is to describe the love of mother and child. These stories by Orazkhan Akhmetov are the testament to the writer's aspirations to great prose. The topics such as rural life, women's equality, hard work were written a lot in the Kazakh literature of the early twentieth century. We can see from the writer's stories, especially from the classical examples of Kazakh literature, that he was eager to create his own style.

The inner workings of the stories in the collection “The Last Tears” by Orazkhan Akhmetov are deeper and more complex than in the previous collections. In particular, the features of these stories like “Rakhimbay”, such as the creation of an image, the image of a typical person, the harmonious placement of the plot in accordance with time and space, typing each detail on the basis of ideological goals, give the writer a strong sense of humor. The literature transforms life into a “Living world” through an artistic image (touch), and poetic language. Of course, an artistic thought is the destiny of a person, that is revealed by describing his whole being. At the very least, it is necessary to create the character of a typical character, who is able to convey the realities of public life, bright faces and shadows. Creating a typical personality is considered not only as a means of depicting and conveying artistic ideas, but also as a measure of the writer's skills and style. The image of Rakhimbay in Orazkhan Akhmet's story “Rakhymbay” is a typical expression of the writer, a unique personality that distinguishes him from other characters. This is a very successful work, that reflects the stylistic style of the writer included in this collection. And the stories “Human love”, “Friendly mood”, “A busy day” are the work of a man who was able to express his own thoughts, although he was able to tell a little bit. “Human Love” is based on the love apologies of two young people named Galya and Sagi. The influence of social conditions on people's cognition reflects the burning love of young people. A contradictory ideology, that divides people in accordance with their social status and career, tarnishes the noble qualities of the person and takes them away from reality. The story is based on the love of two young people and raises social issues. The story “Friendly mood” partially tests the flaws in the style of work of the staff. It criticizes some immoral officials who do not care about the well-being of the people for the sake of power and personal interests. Man is a product of society, his worldview, style, behavior or disadvantages are the shortcomings of the society in which people live. After all, an individual can never live apart from society. An unjust society ignores the suffering of the people and hides the truth.

Most of the stories of Orazkhan Akhmet are based on the life experiences of the writer and rural life. The writer is full of his subject. And, the author shows his own style in each work. If we look at the whole creative path, from the first collections to the later ones, we can see that the writer has gone through a continuous process of formation and stylistic formation. Of course, the writer's style grows and his signature is defined too. Here is the secret of our careful observation of the author's creative path, his achievements from the very first story. In short, Orazkhan Akhmetov is a writer who left his mark on the fiction. Of course, not all works are created equal, and not all are made perfectly. It is true that his significant works and artistic ideas, that have been in the public eye for a long time, are still being weighed and criticized by many readers.

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