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An aesthetic ideal cannot be realized without an a...

10.02.2021 1890

An aesthetic ideal cannot be realized without an artistic key 12+

An aesthetic ideal cannot be realized without an artistic key -

When we talk about the golden age of Kazakh literature, we recall the 60s of the last century. We learned about those years only from the memoirs of writers and textbooks. In those years, a group of young talents who stood at the forefront of Kazakh literature brought sudden news to the world of art. Sain Muratbekov was the writer at the center of these talents.

Sain Muratbekov is one of the writers who came to our literature with their own subject, style and image. In particular, the talented writer, who made a significant contribution to the artistic development of the Kazakh story genre, showed his artistic abilities in depicting the phenomena of life. A rural life, the life of ordinary workers, their joys and sorrows. An author gives a very accurate, subtle picture of various psychological experiences, emotions that arise in the head of an ordinary character.

Sain Muratbekov's stories have their own melody and rhythm. It is known that an aesthetic ideal cannot be realized without an artistic key, even if it is an idea. Thus, many of the writer's works are the works of art that he discovered through the general tone of art. If we say that the problem is not quantity, but quality, we are interested in the purity of taste, like the pure gold. In this case, the story, that is called, “Dangerous apple” occupies a special place.

An artistic mission of S. Muratbekov is to foster the sensitivity and compassion in people, to show the good and virtuous deeds, moral qualities in life. The main credo of creativity is to reveal a moral wealth, the beauty of the soul, and spiritual height of the person in every possible way. In the author's work “Dangerous Apple”, it seems that the most important human qualities like sensitivity and compassion are the clear secrets of awakening and developing noble feelings in family relationships of young people. A spiritual purity, beauty of the soul, psychologically subtle phenomena of the inner world of Toktar and Nazira are revealed here with special artistic skill. There are no such concepts as “Love, I can’t” or “Kissing” in this story, but Toktar and Nazira may be deeply in love with each other, but most of them may not be able to return to their homeland for many years. And what feelings and moods can a person have if he is lucky? Probably not everyone can write about it. In each of these works, he portrays the phenomenon of the present moment in a psychologically realistic state through the concrete and convincing details. Is the time in one place? Hasn't life changed completely? Thus, the socio-psychological changes of the villagers are expressed differently from the pen of the writer. The fate, character, feelings and deeds of the heroes of this story, such as Samat, Maryam and Toshtan, become closer to us, because they inevitably remind us of hundreds and even more of our friends and strangers. In conversation, there is pure sadness, a melody of nostalgia, reminiscent of youth, music, and most importantly – a warm feeling.

There is no doubt that any reader will suffer and rejoice together with the heroes, reading this work. The love of two lovers Toktar and Nazira for each other is like a shining star. After a while, the lover went to the war against the enemy. At this moment, you don't even notice the pain in your throat, saying: “Eh, why did the fate decide to separate them?” It was a tragedy, the strength of the writer is that he did not succumb to the imagination and wrote the life of an entire era in this story.

Storytelling is a complex genre with an artistic way not easy to find. This is why Flaubert's claim that “I had to write a novel because it was difficult to write a story” seems to be true. After all, not everyone can sing solo. Wouldn't one of them join the choir and sing? Writing a story is like singing a solo. Just as a person's eyes cannot hide anything, so the writer cannot hide his successes and failures in this genre. The story is a mirror of the writer's skill, where everything is clearly visible, in full view. In other words, if you take a closer look at the writer's skill in the small genre, the stories of Sain Muratbekov on the long path of speech art also show his artistic perfection.

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