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How often and how much Kazakh writers, poets, publ...

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How often and how much Kazakh writers, poets, public figures, and other persons read

How often and how much Kazakh writers, poets, public figures, and other persons read -

The literary portal decided to find out how many books Kazakh writers, poets, public figures, and other persons read

So here's the only one question asked from different personalities. That's why we have so many opposite points of views and opinions. Okay, so our question to those people was:

- How often and how much do you read?

And we would like to propose you get informed with the answers of those different Kazakh and non-Kazakh public figures, authors, poets and writers and others.

Pavel Bannikov - Poet, essayist, editor, publisher.

Now I read relatively little amount if we are talking about books. That means I get two-three books a month. Before that, while I was working as a literary reviewer, it turned out that twenty books were read per month by me. Well, now, in principle for a philologist - this is a normal volume or amount of text. Because we read all the same in different ways. We do not read all the books completely. Some book you flip through and understand that here, probably, someone it is interesting and worth reading, but not to you. Someone recommend it or not and so on and so forth and so on. You read a book really completely and then re-read it. There are really few books that you will re-read them.

Sayasat Nurbek - public figure.

Now, unfortunately, there is less and less time for reading books. Basically, this is specialized literature, there are some directories, a large array of data of some kind, sociological surveys and so on and so on. Although before, I would say that without a book I can not imagine myself. That is especially childhood, school years, university years - all this time passed by reading books. A very large and huge such a layer of the time I paid for reading books. I mean that it was very important for me.

Syrym Abdrakhmanov - Kazakhstani publicist, blogger.

The role of books in my life, probably, has appeared since childhood. I had such a small library. Still, remember from the seventh grade began to collect and keep books. These were various books, beginning from fairy tales ending up to all kinds of poems, novels and so on. The role of [the book in my life] is very large. And not only just books. Probably, I will be a liar, if I will answer so. The role of including magazines, newspapers, and prints. Probably, most likely to me is such a secular upbringing, gave reading books. Why? Because, they themselves educate in a person some kind of inner culture, inner intelligence, probably. And most importantly emphasize the life line, then what do you strive after the example of the same stories and fairy tales. Earlier we somehow believed in fairy tales. But now we are adults. But nevertheless, those tales of a good life, of a good future. The fact that one should always strive for good is that fairy tales always end in a kind and happy ending. The fact that good always defeats evil is very important. Especially, probably, at the present time such a difficult, when the popularity of books falls, unfortunately. And in many ways even have, somewhere to seek out, find and ask someone to buy some kind of modern books. But all the same, retelling even, for example, to your children, well, let's say at night some fairy tales or stories somehow arises, probably reading books of those times. Because, after all, everyone has his own time of childhood, some kind of childhood dream. And everyone is striving for this dream. And I'm now especially trying to install so to say so on the basis of my dream, something so figuratively good, so happy. In order for my children to tomorrow, also grew up and also sought for the best.

Makhabbat Esen - a well-known media personality, journalist, radio presenter, editor-in-chief. The self-made woman is definitely about her.

Well, unfortunately now, I probably can not read many books as before. Cuz, perhaps, the explanation is only my busy schedule of, a huge number of some projects, tasks, work, family. But I believe that this is not an excuse really. In everyday life, of course, I read on duty and every day. [This is basically] articles, some magazines, there are books. Well, it turned out that I always read two or three books in parallel. I do not know, maybe because I like it, choose something in the mood and something in the interests. Today I read one book on the psychology of relationships, and the second book of Mr. Kawasaki is directly on the prospects for the development of the world, the economic environment, the political climate, the stability of the currency fund until 2020, and so on.

Anuar Omar

I read mostly for work course: this is inform agencies, sites of news agencies and Newspapers, and magazines. Well, at the reading of serious literature, of course unfortunately there is only the night.

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