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Markhabat Baygut: We have two writers in the world...

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Markhabat Baygut: We have two writers in the world with lines and wrinkles on the face. One is William Somerset Maugham, the other is me!

Markhabat Baygut: We have two writers in the world with lines and wrinkles on the face. One is William Somerset Maugham, the other is me! -

Markhabat Baygut is a Kazak writer, journalist, author and translator. He was born on twenty fıfth of May ın nıneteen forty-fıve, in the village of Pistelı, Tulkıbas dıstrıct, South Kazakhstan region. Mr. Baygut is the Laureate of "Alash" International Prize (nineteen ninety-six), an Honored worker of Kazakhstan (two thousand and four), an Honorable citizen of South-Kazakhstan region (two thousand and seven), and an Honorary Journalist of Kazakhstan (two thousand and nine).

Markhabat-aga graduated from Kazak State University at the philological faculty. After serving his military service in the newspaper "Sham-shiraq" of Tyulkibas district. For many years he was the head of the literary worker, culture, literature&art department in the regional newspaper "South Kazakhstan". Also, he held positions of the senior party committee.

From nineteen eighty-five to two thousand and one - head of the regional branch of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan. He was head of the department of the internal policy of the regional Akimat (Mayor) office, also head of the language department of the region (from nineteen ninety-three to nineteen ninety-seven). Mr. Baygut was Deputy Head of the Department of Information and Public Accord, Region Department.

Since two thousand and one, he has been the head of the department. The books "July", "Syrbulak", "Child of Orphan's Home", "Nauirzek", "Unprotected Heart", "The color of sound", "Love in Mystery", "The Promise and Faith", "Cats in February" and many others. Writer's works are translated into Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Turkish, Karakalpak, Sakha and other languages. He translated the book by Vasily Shukshin, Yury Pokalchuk, Shyngys Aitmatov, and the book about the Prophet Mohammed of John Wallace Blunt, Jr.

The author is twice the prize awarded by the Republican publishing house "Zhalyn", the three times winner of the newspaper "Kazakh literature".

The sci-fi writer Sarmanbay Isqaq: "Markhabat Baigut is a unique, talented writer of the new century who sees the delicate faces and secrets of life solely in the prism. Today, the writer has come to the forefront of inspiration and has developed a style and style of writing in Kazakh prose ".

Markhabat Baygut tells that the writers from among the Kazakh writers which he read repeatedly - Beimbet Maylin. Before writing any essay, Baygut always read Mr. Maylin's works. Also, he often read works by Berdibek Sokpakbaev, Askar Suleimenov, Abish Kekilbayev, Sherkhan Murtaza, Akim Tarazi, Karaulbek Kaziev, Sain Muratbekov. "There is no pleasure in the enjoyment of reading again," says Jumagali Sayin. Markhabat Baygut agrees with that. Mr. Baygut advises to those who criticize "We do not have the right writer" and would advise them to repeat what they read.

Mr. Markhabat Baygut preferring from world literature authors and writers works like William Somerset Maugham's "Moon and Money" by an English writer. Markhabat Baygut jokes saying "We have two writers in the world with lines and wrinkles on the face. One is William Somerset Maugham, the other is me!". Writer Markhabat-aga likes Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway. Also, he read many Russian authors Chekhov, Shukshin, Rasputin. Some are strong writers. The author reads a lot of French Mopassan.

The writer Markhabat Baygut's genre is a short story. But let's see if there any idea by Markhabat Baygut of going to the novel? - It seems to the author that the short story genre will come out sooner or later. When he gets older, He's starting to get rid of his car, his luggage, and his literary power. Zhumabai Shashtayuli's literary criticism was: "Markhabat-aga does not seem to have written long genre of literature work as the novel. It's a shocking thing to do. He starts to write worse when he tries to do a longer short story!". Markhabat says that he took classes from Zhumabay and after that, he did not write long stories. He writes not long short stories.

But let's figure out did he finally tried to write in another genre? There is one literary critic Kerimbek Syzdykov. He was the biographer of Mukhtar Auezov. He worked at the "Mukhtar Auezov" Museum. He said to Markhabat Baygut "If you split your stories, it would be like novels created by short stories." As Markhabat thinks he did not have enough time, and he did not have the ability for that. But he did not expect to write a novel as well. Markhabat-aga always thought that if he'll write the longer version of his short stories genre, he'll write worse and he would not have success in this new genre. Then Markhabat Baigut said, "Let's talk about it. I can read some novels and say, can I write, or I can not write." Master artist Tasken Alimkulov told: "It is difficult to write a novel. Because the reader of the novel is forgiven and does not forgive the conversation. In our Kazakh narrative, multilingualism prevails. And if we introduce the novelty of the world literature with the tradition of Kazakh conversation then our Kazakh story will be strong. " The critic criticized Amirkhan Mendeke for saying, "The conversation is a sacred genre." Now, thank God, the Kazakh story is high.

Today in the new period of our history in literature world myself mostly from the young people who want to write the prose, I hear that if they'll write in the Kazak language, their prose does not have the future, they even learn English and write in English. For example, Chinghiz Aitmatov and Olzhas Suleimenov, somebody says that they were recognized worldwide because they wrote in the Russian language. In general, I asked what does Markhabat Baygut think about the writing of Kazakh writers in another language. So writer Baygut said: "I am against the ban on writing only in our native (Kazak) language. But there is the thing that most of the authors are not Olzhas Suleymenov (probably Markhabat Baygut means, that they can't write as great as Oljas Suleymanov did). Olzhas had talent and love for the nation. He also wrote Kazakh literature in the Russian language. All of those young people can't write as Aitmatov or Herold Belger. Now, these young people will work hard for talent and something else. However, I believe it is best to translate it in its native language, the language it has written. " - thinks Markhabat Baygut.

What do you think is the reason that Kazakh literature has not yet reached the international level? Or do we have a writer who writes and known around the worldwide? I wanted to know the opinion of Markhabat Baygut on that. So here what he thinks about it: "The artistic, fertility, peculiarity of the Qazaq word is so unique that it is difficult to translate it. Abay Qunanbayuli has not yet been fully translated and is not translated." The same is true of prose. Oralkhan Bokeyuli, Sain Muratbekuli, Abish Kekilbayuli prose are very difficult to translate. Otherwise, we have many world-class writers. What does Abish Kekilbayuli do? Dulat Isabekuli's prose has been translated into many languages, but now his drama is ahead. St. Petersburg, London. The 75th anniversary will be celebrated in London. She is preparing her two plays. This means that it has reached the world level. The works of Abdijamil Nurpeisuli are being translated. Tolen Abdik's novels, novels of Akim Tarazi's "Punishment" are world-class works. But if all these things are translated in their stakes. Muqaghali did not say anything about his poems. Fariza Ongharsinqizi refused to come to Germany, who came to her house to sing her poem. The scolding translator told the poet: "Get out of the house! Do you come to translate my poetry without knowing that the Kazakh tradition refuses? " There are many who say that they do not know Kazakh language and traditions. It is not possible to say, "Our speech is fertile, it is fanciful, and we go without translation." That is why we need to take care of the translation and to invest at the state level. Another mistake is that we often translate it into Russian and then translate it into other languages. We need to translate from Kazakh into English, Japanese, and German. From a general point of view, our literature is not terribly improbable. That's how thinks Markhabat Baygut - the author, writer, and translator.

by Akhan Tuleshov - Literary Portal

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