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Nauryz - "Kazakh New Year" or a holiday of unity ...

20.03.2017 28824

Nauryz - "Kazakh New Year" or a holiday of unity of all people on Earth

 Nauryz - "Kazakh New Year" or a holiday of unity of all people on Earth -

Nauryz is the most important holiday in the year, both among Kazakhs and many Asian peoples, which has been celebrated for more than five thousand years. Nauryz is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, the beginning of a new year and a new life. And on the eve of this holiday I would like to tell about the history of the beautiful song "Nauryz - Duman", without which we cannot imagine holding this holiday. The author of this poem is the famous poet Mukagali Makatayev. Did the poet know at that time that this poem would almost become the anthem of the spring holiday. And the author was able to include in one work all the events of the holiday Nauryz. Nauryz is celebrated on March 21-22 on the day of the vernal equinox. On this day, the heavenly bodies: the constellations and stars after a year's cycle come to the points of their original stay and begin a new path - a circle. Revived this poem and turned it into a beautiful song - Talgat Sarybaev. The performer of this song is Roza Rymbaeva. For the first time this song she performed in 1988 in her concert, which was held in the Philharmonic. This year the song "Nauryz-Duman" was 29 years old. I would like to tell you not only about the anthem of this holiday, but also about the holiday of Nauryz, about its origins and traditions that are held during this holiday.

Otherwise, the Nauryz holiday among the Kazakhs is called "Ұлыстың ұлы күні"(Uwlistin Uwli Kyuni), which means "Great Day of the People" or "Жаңа Жыл”(Zhana Zhyl) - "New Year" in English. The name of the holiday "Nauryz" consists of two Old persian words "nau" (new) and "ryz" (day).Nauryz is the day of the revival of nature, awakening it from sleep. This is a very symbolic holiday and, accordingly, many traditions and customs are associated with Nauryz. Nauryz from the Kazakhs is called not only the holiday itself, but the whole month of March. Children born this month were usually called names derived from the word "Nauryz", for example, boys - Nauryzbai or Nauryzbek, and girls - Nauryz or Nauryzgul, etc. According to the mythological ideas of the Kazakhs on the eve of the holiday of Nauryz, happiness goes on the earth, therefore the night was called the night of happiness on the eve of the holiday, that is, Nauryz is the day of good, light, when flowers blossom, birds start singing, the steppe is covered with lush green grass, Streams, the New Year is coming down to Earth.Nauryz is the day when good is set on earth. Therefore, the Kazakhs treated the New Year very responsibly, began to prepare for it in advance, cleaned up the house, cleaned the dwelling, dressed clean and elegant clothes, prepared a rich table, and as a sign of the desire for harvest, abundance, rain, milk, everything Containers in the dwelling were filled with milk, spring water, ayran and grain. After all, according to the signs, how you will meet the year, so you will spend it. As the old people said, when Nauryz enters the house, all illnesses and failures must bypass him. On the day of the celebration of Nauryz everyone tried to be in good spirits, at the meeting they encased each other in embrace, expressed the best wishes that all misfortunes and misfortunes would bypass them. During the celebration of Nauryz, a lot of food was prepared, symbolizing prosperity and abundance. At noon, a bull was cut at a fixed place and a special meat dish was prepared, "white koterer", which means "straightening mill". According to the ideas of the Kazakhs, the bull was considered one of the most powerful animals, and the food from it gave people strength and stamina. A festive dastarkhan was laid in every dwelling. Before and after the meal the mullah recited prayers in honor of his ancestors. Then the elder in the age gave the blessing (baht) for the year to be safe. The main treat on the festive tablecloth (dastarkhan) was the dish Nauryz skin. Nauryz skin is a ritual dish, a soup that includes seven components: water, meat, salt, flour, cereals and milk. The figure seven itself has a sacred character among the Kazakhs. Seven components of Nauryz's skin meant the seven elements of life. A huge cauldron for "Nauryz's skin" symbolized unity. The holiday of Nauryz was always accompanied by mass fun. Young people gathered at the swing - altiban. Everyone sang, danced, played various national games. Nauryz often hosted competitions between young men in the fight, or jumps. Sometimes young men competed in the ability to stay in the saddle with the girls. Also, Nauryz hosted "aitys", where akyns competed in their mastery - poets-singers-improvisers. Nauryz is a holiday of unity of all people on Earth and nature, a holiday of harmony, light and good! - Literary Portal

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