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Pavel Bannikov: Services with the ratings of books...

18.07.2017 3194

Pavel Bannikov: Services with the ratings of books, in my opinion, this is such a big deception actually.

Pavel Bannikov: Services with the ratings of books, in my opinion, this is such a big deception actually. -

Today there are a lot of different literary services on the Internet that provide ratings of books, reviews of works and so on. We asked poet, writer, and author from Kazakhstan Pavel Bannikov did he use them.

Services with ratings from books, in my opinion, this is such a big deception actually. "One hundred books by the BBC version" and I do not know their "One hundred books there according to the Washington Post", "One hundred books according to the version" of that and that. Actually nonsense. Even the "Reading List of Brodsky"

Joseph Brodsky came to America in 1974 and became a professor at once five colleges. A little later, the director of the Women's University of Mountain Holioka learned about it and invited the poet to teach at the Slavonic department, although Brodsky himself left school at the age of 15 and had no diploma.

The poet was very serious about teaching. There were no talks about lecture notes, traditional textbooks, he was talking about those writers and poets who were close to him. At the lectures, Brodsky allowed himself to drink coffee and smoked a lot.

He was really poisoned by only one life - the ignorance of American youth. Once, driven out of himself by a particularly desperate class, Brodsky sat down at the typewriter and hastily compiled a "List of books that everyone should read." publishes this list of books for intellectual conversation. And what of it did you read?]

and that is regularly distributed. Well, you do not need to read it to everyone, to be honest. Here is the "Reading List of Brodsky" - it can become a necessary base and foundation for the writer, for the poet. This is not for everyone. Someone will need completely different books. And all these lists in them, probably, it makes sense.

But you do not need to do some of them do not know the idol need not pray for them. Because "One hundred books" will always be different, yes. I am interested in me really specifically the other "One Hundred Books" that do not fall into these "BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] lists" and so on. Remember the "Count of Monte Cristo" novel by Alexandre Dumas ... And when Edmond Dantes makes his way to the cell to Abat Faria hoping that he will get free, but actually gets to another cell. And Faria tells him something like: "Umm ... A young man in this world has a lot of books, yes. But of these, about a hundred are really important ... and I'll tell you about these books because I remember them ... ". And now the Abbot Faria while they languish there in this prison, retells these books to him. What kind of books we do not know. Alexander Dumas does not call them. And in fact, if someone takes on such a task and tries to isolate from the text of the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" these one hundred books that Abbot Faria recounted to Edmond Dantes - that will be interesting. I would look, what are this one hundred books and I think that in fact it can be done. Here, proceeding from the words of Abbot Faria in the book of Alexandre Dumas and proceeding from the behavior of Dantes himself, then he became "the Count Monte Cristo". These hundred books, I think, could easily be found. I would read this list and perhaps even recommend reading it to everyone else. - Literary Portal

Prepared by Akhan Tuleshov

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