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Political and social problems in the poetry of ken...

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Political and social problems in the poetry of kenshilik Myrzabekov 16+

Political and social problems in the poetry of kenshilik Myrzabekov -

In literary studies, several genres have been formed to this day, which can help to understand the world and embroider artistic reality in words. Of course, there are aspects of these genres that differ from each other and fall from each other rationally.

Literary works are usually divided and considered into three main genre types. They are: epic, lyrics and drama. This division dates back to ancient Greek times and was first described by the philosopher Aristotle in his treatise on the art of poetry.

One of the main genres of fiction, especially written in verse, is lyrics. The poet's soul, Araman's ideals,waves and subtle twists in his inner world, feelings and sensations, reflection of the environment in which he lives, life of the country, Endless Love are reflected through lyrical works.

The study of national literary studies,including Kazakh lyrics, dates back to a very early time. In the work of Abu Nasir Al – Farabi, who opened the door to the world in the Kazakh topryr, one of the most valuable and valuable works about poetic art is his judgments, thoughts, research on poetry.

The first scientific consideration of our national poem is associated with the name of Shokan Valikhanov. It is noted that valikhanov's logic about poetry is invaluable for researchers and scientists, and his research on the theory of Kazakh poetry, that is, poetry, attracted special attention from scientists. The study and study of lyrics was the beginning of the first examples that could help the development and formation of our poetry after the searches and silences of Al-Farabi and Shokan.

The work of Akhmet Baitursynov, one of the founders of our national literary studies, the first author of the theory of literature in the Kazakh language, “literature is the basis for the development of Kazakh science. Academician Zeynolla Kabdolov, who studied and analyzed the construction of Kazakh poems,noted that “Ahan's work was born from a virgin in national literary studies, but was created according to the example and trends of all mankind in the art of speech”, and Rymgali Nurgaliyev noted that “it is necessary to emphasize that his work contains a precious treasure, special ingenuity that enriches the aesthetic system of thinking.”

Our noble scientists such as Z. Akhmetov, M. Bazarbayev, B. Kenzhebayev, Z. Kabdolov, S. Negimov, K. Seidehanov, M. Duysenov, K. Mashhur-Zhusupov, K. Omiraliyev made a great contribution to the study of the mystery and nature of our national poetry, which has been studied for centuries and eras.

The research of Russian scientists G. N. Pospelov, M. Bakhtin, I. Ginberg, V. D. Skvoznikov, D. S. Likhachev, L. Timofeev, G. L. Abramovich, L. G. Frizman, L. Ya. There were also disagreements and contradictions between their views.It is known that in literary studies there is a wide variety of lyrics. These are: political and social or civil lyrics, Love lyrics, nature lyrics, philosophical lyrics.

The main genre of kenshilik Myrzabekov's poetry is lyrics. Deep thoughts, Noble views of the steppe, the breath of paradise on his chest, restless questions that did not give rest to his soul, unanswered questions in his mind, images that he saw, even the shortcomings of his time, immersed in the chimbay, are combined with a sublime feeling in the inner world of the poet. The works from his heart are from his own reality

if he was separated from tenderness and feelings, he would not have become the author of the poem, If the musical rhythm of the poem did not follow.

The poems written by the poet also became social, philosophical, emotional melodies, expressing a universal worldview. It is known that one of the characteristics of lyrics is sensitivity, which affects the feelings of a person. A simple statement that is not based on a dry story or feeling cannot make a lyrical work. The peculiarity of the lyrics of kenshilik Myrzabekov is that it is based on subtle feelings and thoughtfulness. One of the facets of the poet's skill is the study of the essence of the chosen topic, the study of the story and the disclosure of the secrets of feelings.

The poet's lyrics, in his own words, "serve the Fatherland", bring up the purest, highest moral and patriotic feelings. The work of every poet is not just artistic, but artistic philosophy. He can also write the artistic and philosophical world, depicting life. Since he is an amazing poet of his century, it is not enough just to study his work from the point of view of the figurative and poetic world, it is necessary to analyze it at the artistic and philosophical level. Poetry and poems of the expanse - artistic philosophy of Man and everyday life, religion and history, homeland and Nature, Society and society, literature and art.

Kenshilik Myrzabekov is one of the most prominent representatives of Kazakh poetry. The few inside. The artistic originality of his poetry, the distinction of species, or the unrepeatability of his poetry . In the ancient history of the Kazakh people, there were wonderful poets, but few firmly entrenched in the minds of the people. The vast poet was one of the few. Every young person who has a "dispute for a poem" does not pass without hitting the Expanse, gets what he needs from his poems, and can also "get sick" with the poet.

In his short life, he left more than a dozen literary legacies, which are widely known among poets and literary figures such as zharaskan Abdrashev, Shumishbay Sariyev, Iranbek Orazbayev, Serik Turgunbekov, Serikbay Ospanov. And what a treasure. Each of his poems, each of his books brought a unique, unique expression and a new exclamation, a wave of spinning in Kazakh poetry. “At the beginning of the Seventies, there were many poets who wrote poetry in imitation of a broad poet, “ says S. Karimov, who studied together at the Faculty of journalism of kazsu. In this regard, it should be recalled that Kenshilik Myrzabekov is a poet who has a special place in Kazakh literature, and he built a worthy monument with verses. There is no doubt that the vast poet, who originated from such great poets as Abykai, Ahmet, Mirzhakyp, Yesenzhol, suede, Seidakhmet, Nurkan, ascended to the high pedestal of such great poetry.

In the world, it is too difficult to find a theme or phenomenon that poets did not include in the poem. The story reveals the real secret of the phenomenon with poetic energy, conveys its meaning, speaks with a heart, and does not express its artistic vulnerability. And this feature is found in all the poems of the author, whose poems we are analyzing, whose friends and contemporaries called him a "wide poet". Especially the selfless image of the society in which he lives, the suffering of the Second World War, his poems on the themes of the motherland, Homeland,Fatherland, father and mother, friendship expand the reader's thoughts and satisfy the requirements of representatives of different generations.

"The poet's passport is a civic lyric. The vulnerability inherent in all modern Karakurt poets is that they are dishonest to become poets, while not being citizens. If you look at classical literature, you will see some great and great people who have touched the world with a sense of love and Justice. Homer, Goethe, Pushkin, Abai, Dostoevsky, Magzhan, Kasym, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mukagali... The little things that "sing" the thoughts and sorrows of a sly karakan head should not be exposed in front of literature-daytugin World X-ray!"Serik Aksunkaruly.

The civic melody first depends on the civic personality of the poet. In his poem, The Poet always raises public and civic issues, the civic essence can only be revealed by the civic tone of his works.

The Civic Voice in National written poetry begins with the work of Abay. "At the beginning of the twentieth century, the lyrics of this meaning were socially significant through the poems of Akhmet Baitursynov, Mirzhakip Dulatov, Magzhan Zhumabayev. Topical issues of public life, the fate and interests of people were reflected in civic lyrics. In the works of I. Zhansugurov, S. Seifullin, S. Mukanov, K. Amanzholov, T. Zharokov, zh.Nazhimedenov, K. Myrzaliyev, M. Makatayev, T. Moldagaliyev, we see great and amazing examples of civil music".

"I don't know," he said, " but I don't know what you mean." Of course, each time had its own writers. Indeed, the great poets left an indelible mark and spiritual legacy in the life of one nation. However, since each era has its own destiny and mystery, poets also sang in different content and forms.

For example, Kenshilik Myrzabekov in one of his first works "contemporary cheese" proved that he was a poet with a voice,conscience, a poet, and a civic voice. The lyrical hero" breathes air from under the same sky " appeals to his people, contemporaries and friends, whether you are a shepherd on the edge, a shepherd on the sand and a farmer, be a guardian of the peaceful day for the benefit of a person.

It is not for nothing that the first part of the poet's first collection is called "Citizen's voice". "I don't know," he said, " but I don't know what to say."

Homeland theme. If we recall the words of Belinsky:" to love your homeland with your soul is the highest peak of humanity", it seems that singing The Motherland not with a chanting cry, but with branches that flow from the heart has become a poetic credo of breadth. The main theme of myrzabekov's poetry is the Motherland, the idea of one encourages his son to serve his native country, inspiring and encouraging the younger generation, and in the second poem the lyrical hero shows his love for the motherland. Both poems of a wide scale are written by the poet in the form of a black poem, and in the second poem “Motherland is the heart” is embroidered with beautiful words using metaphors.

"My golden mother, my homeland, I have no soul from you, I have no strength to fear you," M. Auezov's energetic words are probably the life position of the vast majority. The work of the poet is called "patriotic feelings". The lyrical hero shows helplessness in front of his lonely Homeland, loves and relies only on it. You will not find more words than the beginning of a stanza in a poem. But you will see the true nature of the poet, you will be saturated with his philosophical statements. It was as if the expanse began to love for real, to love for real, to appreciate for real, to love for real, for real, for real, in its own way, from the Motherland, the native country, all the people in it:

You can only take care of our country and land by saying “I love you all”! But can everyone love their country and land, the nation they raised as sons, with all their soul and death? Is he willing to sacrifice himself in their path? Of course not. Are there few malguns in this world who do not say mynk, even if they degrade their country, plunder their land, humiliate their spirit every day and belittle their language every day? Many. Their entire height and peacefulness are shrouded in a thick fog of indifference and indifference, indifference and indifference. It is important to remember that the most important thing in the life of a person is to be able to live in harmony with the world around you, to be able to live in harmony with the world around you, to be able to live in harmony with the world around you, to be able to live in harmony with the world around you, to be able to live in harmony with the world around you. Bünezhek, bünezhek, bünezhek... one silhouette that drags its shadow from early to dark evening. What hope or begging for such a person?! It is important to remember that this is the only way to live your life.

Native Land theme.It is not for nothing that on the page of the holy books there is a mention of the creation of man from the Earth. The poetic nature of the poet, one of the most prominent representatives in human society, who has gone through several periods of history, begins with the soil from which this light was born. Soil is the native land of man. Therefore, there is no soul in this world that is closer to nationality and nationality than the poet. Without going too far, let's take the poetry of the Kazakh zhyrau of the fifteenth century: six centuries later, why is their work still a masterpiece of World Poetry? The system of artistic thinking of the nomadic civilization at that time was not like other countries. Thus, they created unique phenomena in art. It is impossible to translate it into another language and get such spiritual pleasure as the original gives. This is probably the property of native soil!

No matter which poet's poems we take, it is impossible not to meet the theme of the native land. The blood of mankind, Tamar, is hot and sacred to anyone. Otherwise, the great thinker of the East, Abu Nasir Al – Farabi, would not have dreamed of saying: "You are a native land-a thick country", and the son of Koshalak, Zhumeken Nazhimedenov, said: "Tugan zher, let me put you on your chest.". And Mukagali Makatayev called "Yellow Boy", and only the poet can turn his nostalgia for his native land into a poem, of course, a great poem. The best thing you can do is write, write poetry.

A special place in K. Myrzabekov's poems about his native country, native land, and Homeland is occupied by nostalgia. We say so because the soul that was born in the steppe and lived in the city lives in a constant longing for the village that remained far away. He misses the yellow Steppe, which grows from asphalt roads, he longs for saumal lakes and sagym belts.

"I don't know," he said. I wonder if the works of poets and writers born after the war are impressive because they saw with their own eyes and experienced the hardships of life there. This is a wonderful way to convey the truth that sucks blood. Somehow, he always missed his native village. When you go to the country, it rises incredibly and flutters. Good works were probably written in the same tenses. And surprisingly, after four or five months, he begins to yearn for the village again. "I don't know," he said.…

Brown is a concept very close to the Kazakh soil, character, spiritual and energy field, peace of being. Scientist Nazhimedenov zhumageldy said:" the stronger our spiritual field, that is, our brown, the stronger our national mentality will be." Perhaps that is why the word Brown is often used in the everyday life of Kazakhs in a figurative form. "I don't know," he said.

The image of a mother.Among the lyrical heroes of the poet, we find the image of a mother in many ways. ” In the poem, it is not just about praising and saying that you love your mother, every poet should love her in his own voice through his inner reflections and add her to the poem like no one else " - taking into account the opinion of Kuandyk Mashhur - Zhusupov, in the poetry of expansiveness we encounter different thoughts, deep reflections born of love for the mother. The reason for this is that the poet is not able to praise his mother with bare words, he describes all his sorrows, all his troubles, difficult paths that he saw to the reader in the form of a goose, finishing the poem with analogies and alternatives.

The author's poem" one letter of my mother", written by her mother, reflects the image of a mother in Kazakh society. Because after nine months of carrying her in her womb and bringing her to this world, she is the only mother who, having stopped in her palm and growing up from infancy, puts all the burden of the world on her shoulders, and not on her sons and daughters.

"Many of the poet's namesake addresses a significant contemporary, a virtuous soul. It is a beautiful gift dedicated to this person, a touching state, a unique song, a secret that lies in the heart. At least in the dedication poem there is an ardent goal of the poet to touch upon his human virtues, to let others know, to leave a beautiful memory of that person. The person he knew and loved is a feat to sing a good side of the phenomenon, to sing inspired, to sing in the state of the heart, to sing with all his voice", if only "Mukhtar and Kulyash", "Zhambyl and Mukhtar", "Mukhtar and Kanysh", "Akyna Syr" (to Tumanbay Moldagaliyev), Gafu Kairbekov, "farewell to Bauyrzhan Momyshuly", "on Kasym Amanzholov Street", "Kabdesh the poems" to zhumadilov"," ybyrai Altyn sarin School of tuarli Oy " are proof of the above opinion.

In the poems of the poet, dedicated to figures, heroes and poets and writers, we see lyrical beauty, the richness of the soul of humanity. He even adds to the verse those things that, although we observe, are not so much mentioned. Even in the poems we can see the purpose and future of the poet."I don't know," he said.

This is a poem by the poet called "Let's talk". It is clear that it is not a poem born of false, chanting pathos, but a work that boils and matures in a Black Cauldron on the poet's chest, which can point to the right and left of the country, pointing to freedom under the blue sky, freedom of thought speech.

The poet and time are twins. The poet is created by time, and in his work the poet creates a vivid picture of that time, measures the realities of the time, the secrets of life with the speed of time and turns it into an artistic image. All three periods of time can serve as a criterion for the poet's work, add thought to his thoughts, enrich his understanding, and complement his feelings. Maintaining the unity of these three, the poet receives the authority to speak in the name of time in general. He looks at reality, the system of historical facts through the eyes of his ERA and recognizes the influence of time on time. The comparison of today's life with yesterday gives him the opportunity to orient the future of tomorrow. Only when we recognize this unity and integrity of the season, the poet's thoughts mature, his vision matures. If a poet writes only what he sees, he will not be able to summarize what he stalked in life with a history lesson, he will not be able to turn to further existence.

The life of a true poet is not limited to the experiences of one person. The poet lives many lives, is able to see what he sees a lot, to feel what he feels a lot. This means that the poet's feeling is a combination of general and individual human feelings. He continues the individual mood with the spirit of the Times. Only when you can combine commonality and individuality in this way, the poet becomes a citizen, forms his poetic, civic personality.

The civic melody in poetry also depends primarily on the civic personality of the poet. The poet's song, which correctly appreciated the high goal of literature before the people, honored the art of the word, was able to describe the realities of life, layered phenomena, delving into its deep content, always raises public and civil problems. If we turn to the words of Serik Kirabaev, who expressed the opinion that the civil personality of the poet can only be expressed by the Civil voice of his works, we saw, felt, read, intuited that the Civil voice is a poet who can manifest in today's ERA, in his ERA, in future eras, based on the poems of the Broad, which are the basis of our dissertation work. Through the study of his work, we learned that his poems are rich in color, that he is a poet with his own "Me", civic position, signature..

Another feature of kenshilik Myrzabekov's poems is the richness of national color , Kazakh understanding, Kazakh character .

The scientist Sharip A. in his work"...We cannot miss the problem of national character when we learn and weigh all the secrets and features of literature. The famous educator of the eighteenth century, I. G. gender, who first assessed national differences from a historical point of view, said: “In summary, many issues in the life of a person depend on the time, place and national character differences. "I don't know," he said.

Without a national character, without national traditions, there can be no literature. The national character is the regularity of the development of literature, the universal nature of art. Figuratively speaking, if poetry is a deep sea, then the national character is equal to the river that flows into this sea.

The 60-80s of the XX century occupy a special place in the history of Kazakh literature. During this period, the works that caused a shock as a result of a small "thaw" in society were reproduced in Kazakh poetry with a national character. The songs of the poets who were active in the literary world of that time and entered the artistic world with their style began to be echoes of the nation. Poetry came into the world, radiated from the essence of the soul, created from ordinary meat and bones. Through the lyrical hero, the depth of the human soul, the energy of virtue, was reflected without a veil. The deep roots of Kazakh literature in the National Art of the 60-90s were a page that sought to develop in a subtle way. It is true that the lyrics of these years actually attracted the eye as hot as a tulip, breaking a stone and shooting a flower.

National Paints.When reading myrzabekov's poems, first of all, Kazakh and national motives predominate in his poems. We were especially impressed by the fact that most of the poet's poems are based on pure Kazakh poetry. This, to begin with, is also noticeable in the titles of the poet's poems. For example," song heard, Brown evening"," late autumn"," Kurak zhyry"," Bozsha Willow"," yurt"," Talan"," Tolan","Uinai-AU"," gray mare or Virgin year"," World zyr-zyr"," Karlygash Dauren","Eternal contractions" [6] and others. In this way, we glorify our national values and convey to the next generation the need to preserve and respect our traditions, customs, mentality and language.Not only young people, but also adults are encouraged to respect our language.

Speaking about the National features of fiction, it is necessary to note the national representation, artistic means, their national nature. Because Murat Auezov says that" the national character always prevails in the language and psychology of the people, in the perception of the world and its artistic reflection."

It is clear that each nation has its own thinking and feelings, as well as fantasies and dreams, and images are born on the basis of the nation's own thoughts and feelings, and therefore are natural features of their national character and character. Symbolic images occupy a special place here.

The national character of poetry cannot be considered outside the system of images. After all, it reflects the beliefs, thoughts, dreams, etc.that have developed over many centuries as a whole.

Let us give some examples of the poet's poems, full of Kazakh meaning and national flavor.

The national image is formed on the basis of the way of life, Customs and traditions of the people. Due to the special place in the life of the Kazakh people from time immemorial, the vast majority of poetic images are associated with four animals. We see the historical concept, philosophical views and assessment of various phenomena, the height of folk culture in the images associated with the four pillars.

It is also a national feature that the image and image in Kazakh poetry are related to four food animals. This is due to the fact that grazing four animals is the main occupation. In the system of symbolic images in Kazakh poetry, the image of silhouettes that determine the national character and isolate it from others. The name "horse's Wings" was used by our ancestors as a special attribute of the horse. The silhouette is not just an animal necessary for the maintenance of the economy in our national thinking and understanding, but a symbol of beauty and greatness, beauty and courage

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