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Akhmet Baitursynuly
Smell and melody...

07.09.2020 1861

Smell and melody 12+

Smell and melody -


A true masterpiece art is considered as the turn of the millennium. That`s why, his “Explanatory dictionary” was created too late. This is evidenced by the fact that to date no work has been written on the aspects and secrets of the inner atmosphere of the music of Mozart and Bach, Chopin and Tattimbet (We make this statement only on the basis of works that we can imagine). Of course, thousands of studies and articles have been written about these individuals. To be honest, I'm not happy about many of them. To be more precise, who is so curious about their biographical contribution, eating and drinking?

It is no longer possible to classify it as a cognitive category, unless the reader has received a little information from the biography of the person. In my own view, a moment of these venerable people has just come. In fact, in order to understand music, we must get rid of the main factors that hinder it. This is the main purpose of our short article.

If we consider a real art as SMELL and MUSIC, then there is no difference between poetry and music. I hope that this opinion will be welcomed by the rest of the graph maniac community, which considers literature as a process consisting only from the series of letters.

A day of true poetry is born, only when the words are minimized in the poem and the feeling (music) and drama (smell) come to the fore. This is definitely an indisputable fact.

After all, this straw word and a loose morality have always reached the bottom of art, haven't they?

I will lay my heart on your forehead like a scatter rug. If we completely eliminate these two obstacles (that are words and morals), we will move on to the main atmosphere of noble art. Only our intellectual development and free consciousness, that saved us from those two oppressions, will take us to another dimension. Then only we do absorb the symphony and mood like yellow kumiss, and realize that the name of poetry is not a word at all.

In this sense, I call Tattimbet and Chopin, Mozart and Bakhty, as great poets. I sincerely admit that they are real resins.

Let me tell you a little more. This pandemic, that is occupying the world today, is getting worse every day. After all, the hopes and suspicions of humankind are trembling like autumn leaves hanging to the tree of life.

It is really difficult to say anything about the current situation in our country, which means "It is impossible to make a film about the war, its mistakes and consequences of the war". As if our instincts and fleshly heart have made us feel that we are facing a period of historical choice.

In my opinion, the annals of the human race are divided into pre-coronavirus and post-coronavirus periods now. The next line will cover the shortcomings and lies of the first line. This is the reality and power of the future. IN THIS WAY, A TRUE NATURE AND MAIN CONTENT OF THIS DISEASE IS CLOSE TO THE REVOLUTION.

This is definitely a “God-given” thing for the country like ours, which is in the throes of an autocratic system, desperate for change. Probably, there will be people who will curse and confuse me for this one point of view.

You should understand it correctly. This is not a sensation, and it is not a time to discriminate and scoff the people. So let me tell you the truth.

This change, that has been started by the nation's elite over the twenty-five years and the country could not support it, was eventually made by the malignant epidemic itself (the main reason for this was a complete betrayal of the population by the nation's elite).

Nowadays, our bitter sound and soul, which were inherited in those old days and did not follow the path of justice and truth, are still ringing. Time does not wait for the nation to grow and recover. Everything has its limits and limitations. During this time, we turned a blind eye into the insurmountable shortcomings and deceived ourselves with false slogans: "Everything is fine with us," "Everything will be fine". Here is the result. Now we come to Shakespeare's warning, "Even if you don't want to hear about an evil, it will come and sit next to you". Our real image was like a glass of stone in this test for our patience and prosperity as a country, especially our social reality. A real market of Kazakhstan on the paper and Kazakhstan on the Black Earth was in the face of one drug.

What is to do? Now that fly, that we did not mention in the way of justice and truth, finally came to our souls and said: "You are the mother of dead Mamay”. To put it in one word, our head was stuck on the doorstep of the hospital.

Probably, the struggle of the day would not have been the same if we had lived in the past and built a fair system of a civil society. It is definitely true that we did not invent the coronavirus. However, we say that the political corps are guilty of the fact that it spreads like urine on a child's diaper. What kind of "Tolerant" ideology is it? Why did it fail to unite the people around a common understanding and knowledge? Even now, foaming words and illusions make the heart sick. When we look at the social inequality between the people and the government, we see that

what we call the Constitution is more in line with the principle of animals than man. Of course, our white-mouthed giants are the only crocodiles to own a private pond.

And the people are like a defenseless deer piled up in a pond to drink water.

It seems that I'm a little angry and I'm going to write about such heartbreaking things.

Unfortunately, this pandemic has changed a political landscape of the world as well. That is why, I really attribute it to the nature of revolution. As you know, a current political platform of Russia and China is formed by the ratio of communists and a group of older people on both sides. If we notice that the main symptom of the disease is an overthrow of gerontocracy (a power of older people), this means that the epidemic will reach the bottom of the philosophy of imperial chauvinism. Therefore, looking at this, we can make a big prediction that the prism of human thought will move to other layers. We cannot say for sure how many years this "Revolution" will rule the Earth. But we can say one thing for sure. A humankind, who has learned a bitter lesson from this disease, must be united in the pursuit of this ideal. Without it, we all can come to the conclusion that our day is over.

In order to do this, first of all, a humankind must fully overcome the SEXUAL, COMMUNITY, RACIAL barriers. These three are a real barrier to the bigotry and imprisonment for the sake of human beings. Then only the racism and feminism, the moon and cross (mosques and churches) will be revealed, and the humankind will be even closer to each other.

That is the only way we can save ourselves. Now it is better to solve the problem completely.

In any case, change gives a new form to the laws and movements of the so-called whole world, and creates a different character.

Accordingly, the conditions of the whole concept and art must be transferred to the new system. So now, our understanding of literature and music, and even the concept of reward and sin in theology, must pay off. Let me give just one example.

We used to think of literature and music only as words and music, but now we should look for REALITY and CONTENT, and true DIVINITY in the aura of Tattimbet and Chopin's music. According to the new rules, the rules of pilgrimage must be changed. Now it is better to understand the purity of humankind not in the ritual of worship, but in the knowledge of classical works. The best way to get rid of sin would be based on these criteria ...


Frederic Chopin's work "Music of Paradise" is one of the creations that captures an essence of this folding thought. How did Chopin write this creation without the whispers of a bird or a leaf, in short, with no symbol of this science that we can imagine? The most interesting fact here is that the melodies of two giants of Kazakh music, Qazangap and Tattimbet, have a similar mystery. It's probably the voice of eternity that we are tired of. An ambassador was probably the one who reconciled the two lives of the two intestines. In any case, even these sounds have a mysterious message to the science of a mysterious world. Now let's assign the meaning and symbol of the music, that was sent to the science of eternity.

To do this, let's return to Chopin's work "Paradise Music".

Paradise here is a spiritual dimension. In fact, Chopin heard these sounds from his own heart, not from paradise.

That melody, which is constantly dripping throughout Chopin's music, says that the concepts of heaven and hell are not underground, but within a person, and then all the good feelings, such as purification and rejoicing, are the measure of paradise. If the human condition is completely devoid of the above good feelings, then it warns that not only Adam and Eve, who were expelled from "Paradise", but we are also among them. The status of Adam and Eve in Chopin's work "Paradise" is considered as a symbolic measure.

He also reminds us that a person can hear the music in his heart with a little effort.

Here is the maximum compression and brief summary of the work "Paradise Music".

It`s true that Chopin's soul was deeply moved. It is impossible for a person, whose arrogant spirit has not entered the paradise of his heart, to convey this great feeling in such way. If you don't believe it, how can you turn a blind eye into a wise wisdom with clear evidence?

Our experts, who do not understand such an existential state of affairs in the human condition, associate anything with the event, or they just invent false myths and distort the basic truth.

For instance, our ancestor Kurmangazy, as it has been said in the legends, never set foot on the soil of Saryarka and never met with Tattimbet. It is no secret that many of us associate the main content and dynamics of "Saryarka" kyui with this event.

In fact, this work is Kurmangazy's own inner, "Saryarkasy" and mood. "Saryarka" is the yellow of youthfulness and enthusiasm of the spring, which breathed in just one day. We would understand all this, if we paid close attention to the ancient melody of Kali Zhantileuov, and not to the squeaky sound of a fox chasing someone. We would meet face to face, not in a hurry, but in a state of mind.

It is the power of art to keep the body and mood alive. A true nature of a great work is that it gives strength to the listener, not to the bones!? This is the main aura of this wonderful work.

Otherwise, would he be Kurmangazy, who watered the double intestines of his dombra?

We will continue our cyclical exploration of the above-named group of giants in a hasty manner for our next post.

In the meantime, we would like to say goodbye to the dear reader.

Music and painting


WORD, MUSIC, PICTURE are the one whole things, like a braided part of the lash. A tandem of this trinity is an appearance of the same object in three spheres (Ideally, the source of the object that was being written, heard and built is the same thing. There is a fable that Vinich or Picasso has said.

"A picture is a visible poem; A poem is a picture that can be heard"). Since we are constantly expressing our views on literature (including poetry and prose), we would like to focus on the following two areas. Our short post will be about music and art.

Undoubtedly, one of the syncretic branches of music is the art of kyui.

We call “Kyui” as a person's mood of (that) time. We would have corrected this rigid theoretical definition in our own way. Word is dull, thought is awkward. Sometimes, a tribute and toll of the word is not enough (For example, a famous expression “We can't say it in words” is a proof of that). It is definitely true that joys and sorrows are alternate, and it is clear that each of us will experience such situation. An implication from that kyui is a space that begins after a person's speech is over. More precisely, kyui is a fortune that occurs after the culmination of a word. It is not worth to say a bad word to kyuishi. Because, as we think, he is not just an artist who beats two strings, but a cleric person who knows more things than words. In that case, I don't know a simple performer, but the head of a real kyuishi is tied to a saint. Just as Mashkhur-Zhussup said, I am amazed that “Yapyr-ai, Shon and Toraigyr are not flying away", we are amazed at how Tattimbet and Sugir managed to contain such unbelievable feelings. This probably is an author's personal attitude and respect for the kyui and kyuishi. First of all, we would like to praise those clerics (kyuishis) for the wonderful field and knowledge of the people. Tell me, this Kazakh, who has memorized these ten thousand kyuis without difficulties until this day, is vulnerable?! Ketbuga's yesterday work "Aksak Kulany" and Kurmangazy's kui "Erten ketemin" testify the fact that every Kazakh child understands the situation in words. Let's take a closer look at the history of these well-known kyuis. In short, the annals of Kazakh secrets are written in the language of the kyui.

It would be wrong to say that this is one of our greatest treasures that has never been shaved until today. Unfortunately, you inevitably recognize the need to acknowledge the talent of Talasbek (let's say the late Asemkulov) to be able to speak this language fluently and interpret (interpretation) each melody. What to do? So far, we have no choice rather than waiting for Kazakh moral argument: "Will you grow up young and get rich poor?"


As we have promised, let's turn to the visual art now. This time we deliberately stop talking about Abilkhan Kasteyev and Ural Tansykbayev. When it comes to modern Kazakh painting, it is well-known that the name of Yerbolat Tulepbayev comes to mind. Here is an excerpt from this artist's secret interview: “Drawing is one thing, being a painter is another. Europeans don't see the picture, they read it". Erbolat knows that every color is like the heat of a person's breath.

It is possible to expand an air of speech only in the prism of this plan. But since this is not the point, we have no choice to move in another direction.

One day we saw the work of the artist Zhenis Kakenuly "Farewell of Aset with Kempirbay". The first skeleton of this record was already engraved in our minds.

Now is the time to get to know the spirit of the nation. The moment when the works of Kazakh giants were presented in the language of painting, coincided with independence.

Unfortunately, we can't climb into that space.

For example, Abai's philosophy "I lost mine ..." and Shakarim's notion "White Heart" speak in the language of painting. We wonder if there is a boiling point of modern Kazakh art here. We really dream that the same ideas in the works of Yassawi and Abai, Mashkhur-Zhussup and Shakarim will be reflected in the words. This was specifically dedicated for artists. At the beginning of the article, we said that words and pictures have the same value. This is evidenced by the following verse of the ruler Abai: "A picture of my words is ready for a thoughtful man with a fire in his chest ". Alas, was there any word from Abai?! The rest belongs only to the "Eyes of the chest" of talented painter ...

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