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Akhmet Baitursynuly
The guy looking for the color...

28.05.2021 3942

The guy looking for the color 12+

The guy looking for the color -

(Kazakh folk fairytale)

In the ancient times, there was only one rich man, and there were four good animals. The rich man had many shepherds. Among the many shepherds, there was a wise shepherd. The shepherd boy, who had been tending the sheep all night, had a dream at night. In his dream he saw the sun on one breast and the moon on the other side. When he woke up the next day, he was amazed at what he had seen at night. Unable to explain, they set out on the journey in order to illuminate their dreams. The sun was moving, and the moon was moving as well. Nobody found the interpretation of the color. One day while walking, I came across the city. While he was looking for the place to stay overnight, a young man was getting ready to take off his clothes. “What he did was ruined in the middle of the night”, she said.

— Have you come? — the girl asked.

— “I'm here”, said the guy who had nothing in the game.

— “Let's go there”, she said.

He thought, “Let's see where this takes me”.

— Yes, — he said. The two of them left.

In fact, she was a rich girl who had learned to read the magic. One day, when it was time for her to get married, her father became interested in cattle and tried to rape her. Being dissatisfied with this, the girl tried to escape by colluding with a guy who works at her father's house, saying, “Or I will be with a peer”. So, he went to an expert to test his garden. The connoisseur thinks:

— “Daughter, you are going to marry a poor guy from another country, and the guy, who is dating with you now, is not going to keep your promise”. The girl did not believe what the expert said. She thought, “What is a connoisseur? I will run away from him, even if I make a real promise to him. What will happen if I don't join him?” The next night he tried to run away. The night he promised to run away, he fell asleep and could not get to the promised place. The girl had been waiting for the guy for a long time. He didn't come. There was a time, when a shepherd boy was very tired. Seeing this, the girl called him “My fiancé” and left in the daze. On the way, the girl started talking, but the guy's story did not sound like the guy's previous conversation. The girl was amazed and longed for the light to come. They traveled at night and entered a large mountain valley in the morning. Both of them looked at each other with amazement. The guy has never seen or known the girl before. The girl noticed that he was not her fiancé. He is a guy, I haven't even seen in this region. A girl was surprised. That expert wanted to say that I somehow ran away with it.

— “Anyway, I will be together. Let me try it first”. He wanted to test her at what she was good at.

Along the way, he came across the thick rocky grove. Then the girl said:

— Would a camel go to this grove? It is a place worthy of camels. The guy looked at the grove and said nothing. Once upon a time there was a peninsula with a thick cliff. Then the girl said:

— This is a very convenient place for the cows. Would a cow graze? The guy didn't say a word about it either. “This guy didn't raise the camels or cows”, she thought. When it comes to the plain with a mixed topography and distribution:

— Would a horse graze on this plain? It is a place worthy of horses. The guy is silent about it too. When it came to the big sun, that was full of prostrate summer cypress, and wormwood, cornflower and widow grass, then the girl said:

— “It's a pity that this is a place for the sheep to spend the winter in the sun”, he said.

— It is definitely true that this is a very convenient place. It would be nice to have a sheep in front of you. “This guy seems to have been feeding a lot of sheep. Let me try again for the fee. If he passes that test, I will join him”, the girl thought.

One day he came to the outskirts of the city to rest. The girl said to the boy:

— Boy, you go to the market and buy a house for us. Let us go home, have food for us, have food for our horses, and invite me when we are ready, — he said.

On the way, the young man thought about how to carry out the girl's instructions. To have a small house for two people and a small stable for two horses would mean that the house you can think of should not have the head and legs. It means preparing food for ourselves, fodder for our horses — it looks like there is a shortage of water and the land is deserted too. It turns out that the drink is not easy for the humans and animals. To do this, I prepared the watermelons and berries planted by farmers, that will be our food and drink for our horses, and so, she did. When he had finished, he told the girl what he had done. The girl thought, “This guy is smart, I will join you”, and they fell in love and got married. Their main place of residence is in a hut outside the city, where they hunt and have feet under mahogany. From time to time, he visited his house in the city. One day, the news reached the khan of that city.

— Taksyr khan, a young man and beautiful woman came to your country from another country, — the khan heard the news and went to look for them. He went and saw. The khan fell in love with the young man's wife. He summoned his companions and said:

— This guy's wife needs to be divorced. This woman is needed in my horde, — he said. Then, one of the servants stood up and said:

— “In order to get a woman, you have to kill the boy and kill him”, he said. In search of the tiger, there are thick groves on the way. There are many predators, such as bears and lions. He will not be able to return on this trip as food for the bears and lions, — said another of the evil khan's henchmen. The khan, who liked the wisdom of his courtiers, summoned him and said:

— Boy, my goal is to invite you, I have been ill for a long time. I couldn't get much treatment. According to the paranormalists, there is a recipe for drinking the tiger`s milk. Bring me the tiger's milk. I didn't find a strong man to bring it to you. Then, the guy said:

— “All right, I will find it”, he said.

When he returned home, he told everything to his wife. His wife thought for a moment and said:

— The khan's goal is to lose you and take me. There is a way to get rid of it. There is a grove of rocks on the other side of the mountain fork. A tiger, that has not moved, sits in the middle of the grove. He has not been able to walk for seven years. He is the king of the beasts nearby. He was constantly adopted by other animals. If you find that tiger and remove the sedan from its sole, it will do you the good things. Doing so will lead you to your goal. When you meet the different predators: “Quiet, blackbird, squirrel!” They will not touch you.

The young man traveled to the other side of the mountain in search of a wounded tiger. Before reaching the tiger, there were many predators along the way. Then, the young man said, “Shut up, you squirrel, squirrel!” The predators calmed down and left on their own. One day, the tiger found the king in the grove of trees on the other side of the mountain. He was stripped of his soles and treated with medication. Then the tiger rejoiced:

— You have made me a lot of good things and saved me from troubles. Thank you for that, and the human race could not come. You came with your courage, why did you come, what is your purpose, tell me, I will do it, — he said.

— Our khan was ill, tiger's milk was the cure for his illness, so I went out to look for it. I have no other job, — said the guy.

— “Let me gather the tigers and find the milk”, — he shouted. All the animals gathered when they heard the roar of the tiger king. Only one tiger did not come. Actually, he gave a birth to the tiger. The tiger king scattered all the creatures. The next day, the native tiger was called and given to the young man. These are:

— Boy, I am giving you this baby tiger, take it to the khan as you lead. Heal and drink milk, it is prescribed immediately. When you are tired on the road, you ride, but do not beat or abuse yourself or others. When the khan is written, return with these traces. I will give you a mustache, put it in your pocket, and if you light a fire on your head at sunrise, I will be ready and save you from that difficult situation. The young man was leading a tiger with a child. One day, he reached the khan's palace and handed over the tiger to the khan. The officials and khan were terrified at seeing this. When he came to him, the khan was forced to drink the milk of a baby tiger. After the khan was “Recorded”, the young man said, “I think I got rid of you now”, he took the baby tiger outside, put him on the road and went home.

The khan and his courtiers, desperate to kill the young man, consulted again. Then the chief of the khan said:

— This guy was killed by the bears and tigers, so we sent him to the forest, but he didn't die. Now, it is better to find a reason to do it and kill him in a pit, — he said. One of the supporters of the chief viziers said:

— Let's send our lady's army to the war, let's call this guy the commander of this army, and the guy will be in front of the crowd. Let's dig a big hole in front of them and kill them. The khan approved of this move of the vassals. He called the guy and said:

— “The commander of my army is not good, I invited you to be appointed as the commander-in-chief of that army”, — he said.

— “King Aldiyar, I am ready to do whatever you order me to do”, — replied the young man. When he returned home in the evening, he told his wife that he had chosen the khan as the commander.

— You are not chosen by the khan in vain. There is an awful end to this. But don't be afraid to do what you are assigned to do. Don't throw away the mustache and the lighter that the tiger gave you. Always carry the person who put them on your back. If you have a hard time, you will remember it, — said the bride, consoling her husband.

The young man continued to work as a commander in the khan's horde. One day, the whole army panicked, saying that the enemy had arrived. At that time, the young man rushed to the enemy's stronghold. When the young man came out of the country, he fell into a big pit dug by the guards. Seeing this, the khan's men withdrew their army. The young man could not find a way out of the deep pit. At one point, the tiger's mustache was lit in his pocket. At that moment, the tiger was ready and released the young man. The young man came home safe and sound. That day he summoned the khan's troops and said:

— “Bring the wife of the young man who died in the pit as such a commander”, he said. When the guards came to the guy's house, he was sitting at home. Surprised, they told the khan that they had returned. Upon hearing this news, the khan became angry and called his servants.

— “The boy should be locked up in the house and burned to the death”, — he said. At the khan's order, the guards summoned the young man again. He consulted with his wife before leaving. Then his wife said:

— The khan, who failed to kill you in the first two attempts, summons you with the intention to lock you in the house and kill you this time. Be careful, the khan may let you into his newly built house. If there is a fire, there is a special house inside. If you get into it, the fire won't burn you.

The young man went to the khan's palace for the invitation.

— “I am inviting you to visit me because you survived, I built a new palace, I invited you to see it and travel”, — said the khan. So, the young man was taken into a new house. When he entered the house, he left her alone, slammed the door, piled up a pine tree, and set it on fire. When the outside of the palace caught fire, the young man hid in the ground and escaped the fire. The young man spent the night in that house, thinking of ways to get rid of the khan. The tyrant decided to find a way to kill the khan. When he looked around in the morning, he saw that the khan had gone out for ablution for the morning prayer. Meanwhile, the young man came out of the burning house and greeted the khan. The khan was terrified. His servants sprayed him with water and reminded him. At that moment the guy stood up:

— Khaneke, I went to your dead father after the fire, and when your father died, you tied a black goat to his funeral, and I saw him. Your father greeted you and said, “Let my son come and see me while he is still alive”. Then the foolish khan said:

— Then I will go to see my father too. Burn me like you did yesterday. Upon hearing this, the young man rejoiced and gathered firewood around the khan's house, locked the khan in the house, locked the doors and windows and set it on fire.

Thus, the tyrant khan was burned to death. He was replaced by a young black khan.

The guy came home. His pregnant wife gave birth to twins. One was a boy and the other was a girl. The days passed, the months passed, and the children began to grow. The father was playing with his two working children at home. When two children came to his father's arms and played with him, he imagined a dream he had seen a long time ago. “This is the interpretation of my dream”, — he said, and he was overjoyed.

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