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Akhmet Baitursynuly
We need the people`s prize online...

12.02.2021 1565

We need the people`s prize online 12+

We need the people`s prize online -

The other ways to determine the creative ability of the writer are widely used in world practice. In other words, we are talking about the experience that readers determine for themselves by asking for a work that has the highest level of demand and interest for a year. Of course, this is the fairest assessment of the author's work. Yes, the “Literary Portal” ( has already conducted such experiments on various scales. It is quite possible in an age of social networks and technical capabilities. However, this does not mean that the Kazakh language has developed in terms of content.

And we know that such tradition, the heart of the Russian-speaking audience, has been established in Russia for that long. In particular, the voting for the People's Book “Big Book” (“Big Book”) ended in early December. This prestigious prize will be awarded to the authors of the most popular novels. Voting took place on LitRes and MyBook platforms, the largest representatives of the e-book and audiobook market in Russia and the CIS. Our northern neighbors, well aware that the main achievement of any literary text is based on the love of the people, this year they chose the novel “Earth” by Mikhail Elizarov as the worthiest novel for the prestigious “Big Book” award. The second place was taken by Dina Rubina's novel “Napoleon's Caravan”, the third place was taken by Alexey Makushinsky's “Valley of Thought. Philosophical walk” (“Valley of Thought. Philosophical walk”). Also, the Russian and Belarusian readers preferred the psychological works, books depicting horror stories and works by Scandinavian writers during the pandemic. Thus, at the end of December, the winners of the June 15 elections will be awarded by the National Book Prize “Big Book”.

Isn't that a good tradition? The author's work is directly appreciated by readers, that is to say direct consumers, without any prejudices. It is impossible to compare the range of Kazakh-speaking readers with the huge Russian audience and resource opportunities. However, there are many readers who read the books in Kazakh online. The platforms offering books in the Kazakh language are operating as well. There are thousands of Kazakh books on the basis of the Internet project “Literary Portal” ( We know that there is a great opportunity to try these gifts through these and other online networks. Intention is the only thing that needed there.

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