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Akhmet Baitursynuly
“Zhanibek sings, Akseleu admires”...

20.05.2022 2417

“Zhanibek sings, Akseleu admires” 12+

“Zhanibek sings, Akseleu admires” -

Zhanibek Karmenov is an octagonal and one-sided artist. The only reason he remains in the hearts of his people and listeners is his high moral character. Yes, he was definitely a very good singer. He often heard his neighbors say, “You are a terrible singer”, “You are a great writer”, or “You are so eloquent”. The whole country praised him. Then he said: “If I have any good qualities, the first is innate talent”. It is a quality that is nourished by my mother's milk. “All the good things that I have left, if I have any good qualities, will be healed by my brothers in front of me”. The head of his predecessors was the great singer Zhusupbek Elebekov.

Zhusupbek Elebekov took special care of Zhanibek. He became like a father to him instead of a brother. He brought Zhanibek to Almaty and took care of him. Due to him, Zhanibek got acquainted with Manarbek Yerzhanov, Sapargali Begalin, Gabit Musrepov, Gabiden Mustafin, and Kalibek Kuanyshbayev. They were neighborly and friendly.

It is definitely true. Zhanibek had no friends. He could get along with anyone. And then, he had many friends. One of them is Kunypiya Alpysbayev. Zhanibek and Kunypiya promised to be friends in the hereafter. Tursyn Zhurtbayev, Nesipbek Aitov, Daulet Seissenov, academician Rymgali Nurgaliyev and Mukhtar Magauin were honored specifically. The friendship and creative relationship with the famous scientist Akseleu Seidimbekov did not break until his death. In short, it was full of the cream of Kazakh art and literature. At the Kazakh concert hall in Almaty, Zhanibek Karmenov will celebrate the 50th anniversary of 25 poets and writers. This is the last event when the beloved Kazakh citizen Zhanibek got a microphone...

Zhanibek Karmenov and Akseleu Seidimbek hosted a TV show called “Asyl Mura”. Then the famous words of the famous poet Zharaskan Abdrashov “Zhanibek sings, Akseleu admires” were spread throughout the country. As part of this program, they will record about a dozens of messages. After that message, Zh. Karmenov will be nominated for the title of “Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize of Kazakhstan”. He received the award in 1984. This was Zhanibek's first gift.

In the early years of his career, Zhanibek Karmenov worked as a soloist in the song and dance ensemble of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kazakh SSR. It's interesting that he could have achieved something there. When Zhanibek was studying in the studio, his teacher, Zhusupbek Elebekov, went on the tour. Taking advantage of this, the director of the university expelled Zhanibek. Then Zhanibek left for the village without passing the winter session. His contemporaries said that he was easily offended and unforgiving. In short, he said, “Even if I don't finish this school, nothing will happen”. After visiting the village, he was appointed as the head of the auto club. He studied two courses and seems to be a good singer. At that time, the poet Kazhytay Ilyasov was preparing a radio essay about Zhanibek. Then it was broadcast on the radio. The radio report was listened to by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Shyrakbek Kabylbayev. He listened and immediately called Zhusek and asked, “Where is your son Zhanibek?” Then, Zhuseken said, “When I came, he left”. Then the late Shyrakbek immediately turned to Semipalatinsk. The policeman stood up. “Karmenov should be in my office 24 hours a day”, he said. So, the long-armed police officers went from the city to the district, from the district to the village, and finally found Zhanibek. He was handcuffed on the way out of the car club and was delivered to Almaty in 12 hours, not 24 hours. His mother, who did not understand, just kept crying. Zhanibek himself was not rich at all. What's more, at the end of the pima, over the coat – only one left the office of the Minister. However, he was planning to form a song and dance ensemble in the ministry. Zhanibek was hired as a soloist-singer. “I was looking for you for this job”, he said. After a few conversations, Zhanibek was fed, dressed in a police uniform and given a one-room apartment at the intersection of Satpayev and Baitursynov streets. Within a day, he flew in at 10 o'clock, ate at 11 o'clock, and at 1 o'clock took the keys to the house. When his mother heard this, she packed her things and went to Almaty, selling a few animals. There are about a dozen people living in the room with their mother and other relatives. One day, the minister heard from Zhanibek that his mother had come from the village. “We need to go and greet him”, Shyrakbek Kabylbayev said. As a greeting, about a dozen people line up from door to door in a one-room apartment. Zhanibek's sister was in the same bed as he gave her. After that, a meeting took place in the summer house of Shyrakbek Kabylbayev. He also invited Zhanibek. If Zhanibek came, Dinmukhamed Kunayev and Baiken Ashimov were sitting there. Zhanibek occasionally sang his favorite songs. Adults just listened carefully. Then Dinmukhamed Kunayev said to Zhanibek: “At the next meeting, tell me that I graduated from the university”.

“What's going on?”, Sh. Kabylbayev asked. He said, “I have a job as a soloist-singer”. I rented a one-room apartment. He had a sister. About a dozen people are living there. Then, Dimeken answered: “When you are a minister, isn't there a straight house?”, he said. “I don't have a house anymore. There was a house for General Kalyuta's son. There is no other house”, the Minister said. “Every day, no one gives a shepherd's son a house. General Kalyuta had a house that he dedicated to his son. I gave the permission”, - Dimeken said. Then, Zhanibek received the keys to the three-room house on December 31, 1969. So, at the age of 20, he took the moon to the sky and got two houses in a year. Of course, all this was due to his art.

About 25 songs by Zhanibek are stored in the Golden Fund. There are only 25 songs. Other singers have recorded 250–350 videos. All this, of course, is due to untimely payment. Zhanibek did not beg in front of anyone; no one begged him to come. It remained the same. The first song written by Zhanibek Karmenov was Abai's song, “Wouldn't my place be dark without you?”, written in verse. It seems that the next song, “Tolgau”, was brought to life by an artist...

The memory of Zhanibek Karmenov, who had a nightingale on his palate, has not been forgotten, because he still remains in the hearts of the people. There is Zhanibek in the Kazakh bar.

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