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Sattar Askarulı Yerubayev – dedicated to 103th anniversary

30.01.2017 1663

Sattar Askarulı Yerubayev – dedicated to 103th anniversary

(1914, Turkistan city - 02.06.1937, Almaty city) – Kazakh writer. Writer Sattar Yerubayev spent his childhood in a small village in southern Kazakhstan. In 1923, he was accepted into the Turkestan orphanage, where he began his real teachings. After graduating from the seventh grade, he goes to Almaty in preparation courses of Kazakh National Committee of Enlightenment, and in 1930 year he went to Leningrad (St. Petersburg) State University. Here he defends a diploma thesis work called "Russian neo-romanticism and the Kazakh national literature".  Sattar was on postgraduate studies. But even before he had finished his postgraduate studies he was directed to the responsible work in his native Republic.

In Almaty some time he manages the section of the art and literature at “Leninist shift” newspaper, then working as a Deputy Editor of the newspaper called “Leninist youth” and at the same time giving lectures on dialectical materialism in Almaty at the highest Communist agricultural school, participates in the preparation and holding of the first Congress of writers of Kazakhstan.  In 1934 year for setting the Edge party he goes to Karagandy to organize youth newspaper, he worked as an editor of this newspaper.

A distinguished son of Kazakh land, a talented writer, a well-known journalist, left a small but precious literary legacy. From 1934 to 1935 year’s young writer worked at the Saryarka Land. Many of the journalistic and literary works he devoted to miner's capital Karaganda and to miners.

A year later, after returning to Almaty, becomes Associate Professor of the Kazakh literature of the Pedagogical Institute named after Abai.

Many poems, essays, short stories, stories of Sattar Erubaev, written in Russian and Kazakh languages, this is the evidence of his talent as a journalist and writer-publicist.


In the works of Sattar Erubaev a significant place takes poetry. For the first time in the history of Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic literature he began writing parodies. Wrote epigrams, ballads: “Report about life”, “Fragment of autumn”, and “Pearls”, “About immortal life”, “Three miners”. These poetic works small by volume, but deep in content puts Sattar Erubaev in the number of talented poets of our time.

Sattar Erubaev paid great attention to proseWriter strives for deeper and broader disclosure of human qualities in his stories, essays, novels, nonfiction articles.

Among Kazakh readers particularly popular Sattar Erubaev’s journalistic novel called "My peers", which were premiered and published after the death of the writer in 1939 year, and withstood several editions.

About the novel "My peers" very accurately said Sabit Mukanov: “….Erubaev’s novel is read with a great interest, despite the fact that the author has not managed to finalize it, and many places are left almost as a rough sketches. Sattar Erubaev had real passion of Socialist writer; he had a poetic originality. And he was going the right way, producing artistic synthesis of a specific living material”.

In the novel is the story of the construction of the Karaganda coal basin. The main idea of the novel is the human formation of the new era. In "My peers" showed and depicted Soviet reality, friendship of Kazakh workers and other small ethnic group’s representatives such as Germans, Russians, Ukrainians and others, created characters of ordinary people.

Sattar Erubaev did not manage to bring their work to the end, the novel remained unfinished.



In addition to the novel, writer, together with Mukhtar Zhangalin amounted to "Chrestomathy in literature” for 10th grade Kazakh schools.

S. Erubaev worked on translations from Russian language: He translated some works of Chukovsky Korney, Yefim Berezin, Alexey Surkov andIliya Erenburg. In 1966 year creativity of Sattar Erubaev was noted by Prize of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League.

In 1957 year published a book of his selected poems, novels, short stories and essays.

Sattar Erubaev died in 1937 year as a young man in age of twenty three, leaving behind a small but precious literary legacy.

In the year 1989 in Turkestan was opened Memorial Museum, which in 1995 was transformed into a literary-cultural Museum named after Sattar Erubaev.


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