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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Yergaliev Zhabal

Yergaliev Zhabal

Yergaliev Zhabal

Yergaliev Zhabal was born on October 30, 1952 in Karagash area, Kokshetau region. Journalist, publicist, writer, playwright, public figure.

On August 19, 2011 was elected as a deputy of Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan. He is a member of socio-cultural development committee.

In 1979 graduated Kazakh state University, journalistic faculty. In 1973-1997 – junior literary employee, head of department, deputy chief editor of the newspaper called “Kokshetau pravdasy” in Kokshetau region. In 1997 after abolition of Kokshetau region, he organized a publication of local newspaper called “Kokshetau”, that happened for the first time in the history of Kokshetau city, which was found in 1824.

In 1997-2005 – chief editor of the newspaper called “Koshetau”. Then on January 28, 2005 he was appointed as a chief editor of the Akmola region’s newspaper “Arka azhary”, by the decision of regional Akim. For the first time in the history of Akmola and Kokshetau regions organized issue of the literary, art and political magazine "Kokshetau". Since July 6, 2009 due to Akim’s order was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Arka azhary” of Akmola region, local newspaper “Kokshetau” in Kokshetau region, literary and art magazine “Kokshetau” and headed this newspaper association till September 1, 2011. In 2011 the newspaper “Arka azhary” became grant’s owner of the President of republic. The initiator and organizer of connection establishment with the 90th anniversary of the regional newspaper “Arka azhary” in 2007 of a memorial plate in honor of the famous poet, public and the state figure Saken Seyfullin, and also the memorial plate devoted to the 70th anniversary the “Kokshetau” newspaper.

In 1989-1994 he was elected as a deputy of Kokshetau city council of State Deputies of Kokshetau region. On August 18, 2007 he was elected as the deputy of the Akmola’s regional maslikhat. He was the chairman of the constant commission of a regional maslikhat on a social problem, the member of budgetary commissions, the member of council on communications with religious associations, the member of the regional commission on languages and onomastics at Akmola regional akimat, the member of Akmola regional Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan.

Member of the “Nur Otan” party, member of Political council of People’s Democracy Party "Nur Otan" of Akmola’s branch. Actively worked in the commission of party control, the chairman of public council on fight against corruption of the People’s Democracy Party "Nur Otan" in Akmola’s branch. He was the authorized representative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N. A. on Akmola area, also headed public headquarters during early presidential elections on April 3, 2011.

Since 1995 member of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers, board member of the Union of writers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Member of editor-in-chief of the Republic. The winner of Kazakhstan’s Union of journalists award and the winner of International award named after Zhambyl. In 2010 on the Republican creative completion hold by “Nur Otan” party, his works took second place.

He was the first, who brought up a question of assignment to Kokshetau’s musical school of a name of the nice singer Birzhan-sal and about a construction of a monument of Abylaykhan in Kokshetau. As the member of the creative commission on creation of a monument to Abylaykhan, personally brought from Turkestan a capsule with the earth from a place of Abylaykhan’s burial, thereby having realized the ancient idea and an initiative. He was also the initiator and the active head of campaign for perpetuation of memory of Karasay-batyr. He performed research work on finding burial place of Karasay-batyr, headed public fund of him. With the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR in 1982 he was awarded by the medal “For Valorous Work”, with the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan for merits before the state, the significant contribution to social and economic and cultural development of the country he twice awarded by the Certificate of honor of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2005 – the medal “Қазақстан Конституциясына-10 жыл”.

His first story was published in the anthology of young writers of Kazakhstan (1978). The author of ten prosaic books “Сөне көрме, жұлдыздар”, “Ұлтым менің, ұлысым менің”, “Қазақтың Қарасай батыры”, “Хан көтерген ел едік ер ұланын”, “Бұлтты түнгі толған Ай”, “Жол сапар жалғаса береді”, “Тәуелсіздік толғауы”, “Әлемді жүрегіне сыйғызған”, “Лето без дождя”, “Құлпытастың көз жасы”. He is the author of stories “Соңғы тұяқ”, “Ескі арба”, and his drama works “Бұлтты түнгі толған Ай”, “Тойғандар мен тозғандар”, “Жетім тағдыр” are successfully played on scenes of theaters.