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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Shangitbayev Kuandyk

Shangitbayev Kuandyk

Shangitbayev Kuandyk

Shangitbayev Kuandyk Tyulegenovich – was a modern Soviet Kazakh poet, a translator, a playwright and a National Writer of Kazakhstan. He was born on March 21, 1925, in a family of rich and dear person, in the Karabutak settlement of the Aktyubinsk area of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union. In school years he was distinguished by fine abilities to subjects and studied only on "A" mark. However, when he was 12, his father was arrested «for old sins» and condemned for 10 years of camps, and Kuandyk himself was excluded from pioneers. Despite it, he successfully passed a course of the general educational program and in 15 years entered the philology faculty at the Kazakh State University in Alma-Ata.

When Kuandyk was a student he actively joins in literary and creative work and guring these years he published the textbook «The Kazakh language for the III-IV classes» in a co-authorship. Also Kuandyk Shangitbayev debuted with the first poetic translation of the poem “The girl and death» by Gorkiy and had a side job as an editor in the Kazakh incorporated state publishing house. The program of the higher education he passed without attending lectures and entered the postgraduate study on a literary profile of the same university. Then for a short time Kuandyk Shangitbayev went to Aktyubinsk where he worked as N. Bayganin’s literary secretary and at the same time managed a chair of the Kazakh language and literature at Teacher training College.

Further Kuandyk Shangitbayev’s life proceeded between Aktyubinsk and Alma-Ata. In these cities in different years he worked as the KazOGIz editor, cooperated with the central magazines «Literaturnaya gazata», "Zvezda" and "Leningrad", run the gamut from correspondent to the manager of cultural department in Russian-speaking newspaper editorial office «Aktyubinskaya pravda», was an adviser on the literary critic in the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, filled a position of the editor-in-chief on a Kazakhfilm film studio and on the Kazakh Radio. Besides that till the end of life Kuandyk Shangitbayev wrote verses, composed plays and did literary translations of Russian classics, for what in 1995 he was marked out by a rank «the National Writer of Kazakhstan». Kuandyk Tyulegenovich Shangitbayev died on February 19, 2001 in Alma-Ata.