Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Kamalov Sagyr

Kamalov Sagyr

Kamalov Sagyr

Kamalov Sagyr Aymagambetovich (1905 - 1938) - a Soviet, Kazakh writer, a playwright, a first director of Almaty musical school, the Kazakh academic drama theater, the author of the opera’s libretto "Er Targyn".

Sagyr Kamalov was born in 1905 in an aul No. 9 of the Aktyubinsk district of Turgay area.

In 1923 Kamalov entered the training courses of the Kazakh institute of national education in Orenburg. Then entered the Kazakh teacher training college, the literary faculty from which he graduated in 1931.

From 1931 till 1937 he was a manager of music school, in 1938 - a director of the Kazakh academic drama theater.

In 1931 Kamalov wrote a play «Blood-stained stick» in a co-authorship with Tair Zharokov.  

In 1932 a collection of his stories "Energy" was published. Later the writer worked a lot for theater creating sketches, vaudevilles, drama miniatures.

The Top of his creative work is the opera’s libretto "Er Targyn", music by Е. Brusilovsky. This libretto is the most popular performance on the stage of the Abay Kazakh state Academic theater.

Sagyr Kamalov was repressed in 1938 and rehabilitated later.