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Shormanov Musa

Shormanov Musa

Shormanov  Musa

Musa Shormanov  (1819-1884 or 1885) Born in Bayanawyl.  Qarzhas subclan, Suiindik clan, Arghyn tribe, Middle Zhuz.  Son of a famous bi (judge by the customary law), Shorman.  Uncle of Walikhanov.  Graduated from the Omsk Cossack Army School (voiskovoe uchilishche, later reorganized into kadetskii korpus). Senior sultan of Bayanawyl, regarded as one of the most influential men in Middle Zhuz.  Promoted opening of schools for Kazakh children.  Published ethnographic materials and articles in Rus- sian newspapers and magazines in Semipalatinsk, Omsk and St. Petersburg.