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Belger Herold

Belger Herold

Belger Herold
Herold Belger (October 28, 1934, Engels - February 7, 2015, Almaty) was a well-known Kazakhstan translator, a prose writer, a publicist, a literary critic. Herold Belger was also a translator of Kazakh literature classics such as B. Maylin, G. Musrepov, A. Nurpeisov, etc.) into Russian, an author of numerous novels, stories and literary and critical works about a historical way and modern position of the Russian Germans and their national literature.
Herold Belger studied at the Kazakh high school, then at philological faculty of the Kazakh teacher training college (nowadays Abay University) in Almaty. After graduating from the institute he worked as a teacher of Russian, then in the Zhuldyz literary magazine, since 1964 he is a writer and a translator.
Since 1971 Herold Belger was a member of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan.
Since 1992 Herold Belger was the deputy editor-in-chief of the Feniks German-speaking almanac.
From 1994 till 1995 he was a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Herold Belger's merit was that in his works he paid a lot of attention to historical research of deportation of Germans of the Volga region to Central Asia during the Second World War, he studied their further destiny, especially their integration in Kazakhstan. A lot of books and articles on this subject in Russian, Kazakh and German languages are published by Herold Belger. One of his best-known works is the essay Goethe and Abay, written in 1989 in which he compares works and philosophy of a great German poet Goethe and a great Kazakh enlightener Abay.
The author’s well-known works are The house of the wanderer, Tuyuksu, The Kazakh word. As a writer and a member of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan, he thought he was responsible for preservation of German-language literature and mutual understanding between the nations therefore he liked a bridge between Kazakhstan and Germany. Herold Belger perfectly knew the Kazakh language and was an expert of the Kazakh literature. He attained a huge recognition thanks to the translations of books from German into Kazakh and Russian.
Herold Belger's life and creativity were close with destiny of the Kazakh, Russian and German people. He was a symbol of friendly communication between these people. His merits were noted by numerous honorary titles and awards of Kazakhstan, among which the award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan For peace and spiritual accordance (1992).
In March, 2010 Herold Belger was awarded For merits to the Federal Republic of Germany for his special contribution to mutual understanding development between the people of Germany and Kazakhstan.