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Torekhanov Tauman

Torekhanov Tauman

Torekhanov Tauman

Tauman Torekhanov is a well-known Kazakh journalist, writer, author of many books, editor, and winner of multiple awards. He has worked in the mass media for nearly a half century.

Tauman Torekhanov was born 1931 in Kazakhstan. He has graduated with honours from Kazakh State University in 1955. For almost 30 years Tauman Torekhanov has been the executive editor of Shalkar district newspaper. For his excellent work and contribution to Kazakhstan's mass media he has been awarded with following awards and distinctions:

  • Honoured Professional of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Respublikasina enbegi sinirgen kairatker) award
  • Honourable Certificate of the Republican Higher Council (Respublica Zgogargi Kenesinin Kurmetti Gramotasi)
  • Four medals of USSR
  • Union Press Excellence Professional Distinction Award (Odaktik Baspasoz uzdigi ereskhe belgisi)
  • Honourable Certificates of USSR's and Kazakhstan's Union of Journalists
  • Honourable Citizen of Shalkar city

Tauman Alibayuli Torekhanov is considered a "live legend" of his native land. During his career, he has published more than 200 sketches, essays, articles, etudes and stories in magazines, newspapers, TV, and radio. Also, he authored numerous books such as "Bloody Tragedy in the Steppe" ("Kanmen gazylgan tagdyrlar") and "Koz Korgender Edi" published by Atamura publishing house and warmly welcomed by readers. In addition, Tauman Torekhanov has written books dedicated to young journalists about his professional experience. His books have been made available in various libraries around the world including the Library Of Congress (Washington, DC, USA), libraries of Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), University of Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany), Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), Indiana University (Indiana, USA), Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi (Almaty, Kazakhstan), and Kazakh National Technical University of K.I. Satpayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan).