Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly


Sypyra-zhyrau was a singer, improvisator. He lived in Toktamysh and Edyge's board, i.e. in the XIV century. Chokan Valikhanov called him Sypzhyrau. The oral and poetic tradition kept tolgay of Sypyra-zhyrau in such legends, as «Edyge bi», «A legend about Toktamysh», "Kubugul", etc. There are lines about him in the poem "Er Targyn": «The person whose voice nine khans give ear to». 

The scientists, who are engaged in creativity of Sypyra-zhyrau, consider him as the author of many epic poems of a nogaylinsk era. 

As we know an important factor of greatness of creativity of any person is national memory. On national memory, Sypyra was the wise storyteller. He lived long and wise life. On one sources, he lived 120 years, and on another - 180. In his works the verse alternates with prose, tolgay are similar to ancient samples of this genre, works are composed from the first person. He was a literary artist who skillfully owning improvisation of the didactic contents, for example, in an epic narration about conflicts of Toktamysh and Edyge, reflecting historical realities of race for power of lords of Mogulistan and Ak Orda, zhyrau suggests to destroy Edyge to keep the union of tribes. 

Zhyrau esteemed the events occurring at that time. If he saw that the people suffer from the decision of governors, an impromptu he could instantly say to this governor directly all he thought. He glorified worthy feats of batyrs. At the same time he could give them a wise advice. For example, in "Er Targyn", speaking about feats of batyr, Sypyra gives advice to Er Targyn not to marry the daughter of artful Aksha khan. 

At the solution of disputes, problems the people invited Sypyra-zhyrau to told the fair decision. And usually the people were content with his decisions. 

Sypyra-zhyrau's creativity served as an art sample for literature of many Turkic people. For example, Nogais call his Sybyra iyrau, Bashkirs - Sybry iyrysy, Tatars Barabinsk - Safardau, the Crimean people - Sypara-zhyrau.