Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek

Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek

Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek
Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek (born on the 23rd of October, 1951) is a Kazakhstan historian. Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek  is a member of good teachers club of RK since 1998.
After graduation of the department of history of the Abay Kazakh teacher training college (1976) Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek worked at the Kazakhstan institute of history, archeology and ethnography (nowadays Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology), since 1991 he works as the main research associate of department of a historiography and a source study. Doctor of historical sciences (1991), professor. Area of scientific interests: History of Kazakhstan and the USSR in the XX-XXI centuries. 
Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek  is the author of 8 scientific monographs and more than 150 scientific publications. A number of articles are published in France, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Russia etc. The book «Kazakhstan and the Kazakhs» is published in Turkey (Istanbul 2006). The book «History of Kazakhstan: the people and cultures» is made ready for the press in Chinese in China. The book «Domestic policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan» is made ready for the press in English in the USA. Abylkhozhin Zhulduzbek  is the coauthor of many textbooks on history of Kazakhstan for Universities of Kazakhstan, Russia and Central Asia. He participated in the international conferences in Russia, England, Italy, France, Turkey, Japan, presented lectures in France (Sorbonne, Rehn), England (Oxford, Birmingham). Now he gives lessons in Kimep University, and also at the Kazakhstan-British technical university, University of the international business (Alma-Ata), and other Kazakhstan higher education institutions.
Professor Abylkhozhin is one of the known teachers of Alma-Ata. This fact speaks his deep knowledge in the history and high level of his erudition. Zhulduzbek Bekmukhamedovich turns traditionally boring subject History of Kazakhstan into a train of fascinating discussions mixed up with perfect humour. Professor Abylkhozhin as the real historian, resists to a mythogenesis in the history, defending the point of view that the historical assessment should not have political shades, and the history should not serve interests of a certain circle of people, representatives of a certain nationality and religious views.
Professor Abylkhozhin has his view of history teaching, often it leads to the conflicts to the management of educational institutions. The last similar conflict occurred in UIB in the spring of 2007 when he challenged the statement how the History of Kazakhstan during the Soviet period was covered. The controversial question had a political shade therefore professor Abylkhozhin was compelled to leave University of the International Business.