Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Aksunkaruly Serik

Aksunkaruly Serik

Aksunkaruly Serik
Serik Aksunkaruly, the Karaganda poet deserved national recognition, the honored worker of arts of RK, the winner of an award of the Abay International club, headquater of which is in London. His poems are translated into Russian, Kirghiz and Turkish languages. The poet is awarded the Karaganda area akim awards in the nomination «Golden line».
His literary career began with the poem devoted to the first love: schoolmate Batima. The poet was born in an aul Kyzyl Aray of the Karkaralinsky area. The region of stately mountains and wide steppes was the homeland of many great people of Kazakhstan. It gave force to a word and juiciness of language to the original Kazakh master. Serik’s talent was forming in the times of Khruschev's thaw. Serik Aksunkaruly is firm in the opinion that he is touching both in civil poetry as well as in love one. It is the anthem of recognition to his homeland, to people for whom he creates. 
For the Karaganda poet there are no secrets in any genre. The poetical collection name «Tobemnen zhaukhar zhauyn tur» in a translation into Russian means Fertile time. The small volume of poems opens for the reader all the beauty of native Karkaralinsk, touch lines of lyrics and verses about mother. As innovation can be considered the translation of several suras of Koran, imitation to Omar Khayyam and the essay Anti-poetry.
By his 60th anniversary the master of word can speak with pride about deep and considerable works on translation. He translated Pushkin, Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Yesenin, Schiller and Ibsena original works. The poet loves his homeland. It’s not mere words. The local office of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan which he heads is filled with real affairs and the contents. Talented liberal people, the real citizens of the country here grow up. Serik Aksunkaruly considers that the nature raises Kazakh akyns. Kazakhs are nomads. And together with width and immensity of steppe open spaces they incorporated also language music. Serik Aksunkaruly sees his mission in giving to people his talent. It always on his way somewhere. Creative evenings gather both rural clubs, and city palaces. Trips on the country made him popular. The Karaganda poet is considered as the prophet in his Fatherland. He dreams to travel the whole world, to visit the homeland of the well-known Scottish poet Robert Burns. He also dreams about a meeting with the poet of 60-70 years of last century Evgeny Evtushenko.
Such meetings opening will give a new impulse for the Karaganda poet for sure. He thinks that Kazakhstan has a big future. The poet in Fatherland is more than the poet.  In his poems Serik Aksunkaruly recreated beauty and originality of our time.