Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Bulibekov Khakim

Bulibekov Khakim

Bulibekov Khakim
Khakim Bulibekov is the known Kazakhstan poet, physicist. He got education in Kazakh State University, and then in postgraduate study in Moscow. The well-known physicist, the founder of quantum electronics, the Nobel Prize winner academician Nikolay Basov was Bulibekov’s teacher. But unexpectedly the participant of the XXII scientific Antarctic expedition, the graduate student of Physical institute of Academy of Sciences of the USSR throws up science and does a quick turn - enters the High courses of screenwriters and directors at State cinema of the USSR.
«I threw up physics because science creates nothing, but the destruction tool. And the poetry and art create a man. Give rise to body for the sixth sense», - said the physicist Khakim Bulibekov  and began to write poems and to shoot films. Khakim Bulibekov makes mostly documental film because the history became a subject of his fixed interest. And here again the crucial role was played by Nikolay Gumiliov, more correctly his son – Lev Nikolaevich. «I read his «Ethnogenesis and Earth biosphere», and now Lev Gumilev forced to think of much differently», - Khakim said.
This thought penetrated into the film «Vchityvayas v Gerodota» (Getting a grasp of Herodotus), the scriptwriter and director is Khakim Bulibekov. The film is about searches in the Kazakhstan steppe of a barrow in which, on all signs, there can be a burial of the Scythian queen Tomiris.
And together with this film where he peers into far history of his people where under stars of the night, scientist Bulat Ilyasovich Gabitov-Dzhansugurov tells to gathered at a fire: «We, Turkic peoples living here, Slavs, one hundred the people living here, we have the common history, all of us left one root...»