Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Issabekov Dulat

Issabekov Dulat

Dulat Issabekov was born in 1942 in the Sayram region of the Chimkent area. He graduated from philological faculty of the S.M.Kirov Kazakh State University.

After graduation of the University he worked as the senior editor of a literary and drama broadcasting of the Kazakh radio within two years, the next years he worked as the head of department of sketch and Zhuldyz magazine journalism, the senior editor of Zhalyn publishing house.

Dulat Issabekov's first story "Shoyynkulak" was published in 1964 in the "Tangy Shyk" general collection of young writers, and several years later was included in the collective collection of stories of writers of Kazakhstan "Prosvhatsya ne khochu"  (I do not want to say goodbye) which was published in Russian (1970).

Dulat Issabekov is the author of collections of stories which have been earlier published in republican periodicals: "Beket", "Uneasy days", "Native home", "Life", and books pictures for children "Bitter honey". Issabekov’s scenario based on his poem Gaukhartas was filmed into "Khrani svoyu zvezdu" (Keep your star). The play "Starshaya sestra (the Elder sister)" got the first premium at republican contest in 1977 as the best dramaturgic work.