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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Mustafin Gabiden

Mustafin Gabiden

Mustafin Gabiden

Gabiden Mustafin, the writer academician, was born in 1902 in the Telmansky area of the Karaganda region in the peasant’s family. After attending two-grade school, Gabiden decided to be engaged in self-education.

In the years of civil war and formation of the Soviet power Gabiden Mustafin worked at various administrative positions in the Soviet establishments.

In the spring of 1926 Gabiden moved to the capital of Kazakhstan of that time Kyzyl-Orda and worked in judicial authorities. Since the same time he started writing small notes to the newspaper "Enbekshy Kazakh".

In 1929, collection of his tales and sketches called “Er Shoiyn” was published as a separate book.

In 1930, Gabiden Mustafin moved to Karaganda and worked in newspaper editorial office “Karaganda the proletariats”. From 1933 to 1938 G. Mustafin cooperates in the “Kyzyl Tu” newspaper editorial office ("A red banner") published in Novosibirsk.

In 1938 Mustafin moved to Alma-Ata and went to work in editorial office of the literary magazine "Adebiyet Maidans" ("The literary front"), and in 1940 become the editor-in-chief of this magazine.

The same year Gabiden Mustafin published the first novel "Life or Death", some years later resolutely processed and published under the name "Karaganda". The novel is devoted to working class of Kazakhstan, industrialization of Karaganda.

In 1945 Gabiden Mustafin wrote the story about a notable resident of Michurinsk Shiganak Bersiyev. G. Mustafin's story "Shiganak Bersiyev" in translation into Russian soon appeared in Moscow and since then sustained a number of reprintings.

In 1948 Gabiden Mustafin published the novel "Millionaire" telling about strengthening and development of a collective-farm system. This book was highly appreciated by outstanding figures of the Soviet literature, including A. A. Fadeyev.

For a number of years M. G. Mustafin headed the literary organization of Kazakhstan, was the member of the Central committee of Communist party of Kazakhstan. Nowadays he is the member of Presidium of board of the Kazakhstan’s writers Union.

In the late fifties Gabiden Mustafin works on the novel "After a Storm", narrating about changes in the Kazakh steppe after a cleaning storm of civil war.

Now the writer creates the autobiographical trilogy, the first part of which is – the novel "Eyewitness" – recreating a situation in Kazakhstan in the last prerevolutionary years and an era of civil war, then it was published in Alma-Ata and Moscow as separate book.

His works are translated into languages of USSR people and foreign languages.

G. Mustafin is awarded by awards of Patriotic war of the II degree, the Red Banner, several medals, the Diploma of the Supreme Council Kazakh the Soviet Socialist Republic.