Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Salykov Kakimbek

Salykov Kakimbek

Salykov Kakimbek

The famous state and public figure poet Kakimbek Salykov was born in 1932 in the village Kazgorodok of the Aiyrtau area, in the present territory of national natural park "Kokshetau".

In 1955 he graduated from the Moscow institute of non-ferrous metals and gold, high school at the Central Committee of CPSU of 1973.

Kakimbek Salykov worked as the master, the engineer, the supervising foreman, the chief of Zhezkazgan’s mining and metallurgical combine since 1955 to 1968. After he moved to Soviet work as a member of the party.   

He was the first secretary of the Zhezkazgan’s town committee party (1973-1975), the second secretary of Zhezkazgan’s regional committee of the Kazakhstan’s Communist Party (1975-1984), inspector of the Central Committee of CPSU (1984-1989), first secretary Karakalpak’s regional committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Since 1989 he was the head of Committee on environmental issues and rational use of natural resources of Supreme Council of the USSR. His first collection of verses was published in 1970. His the author of collections of verses “Жезкиік” (copper fallow deer), “Kind days” - 1976, “Жұлдызды жылдар тынысы” (Breath of star years) - 1978, “Көкжиекке тартқан көш” (The road conducts to the horizon) - 1997.

Kakinbek Salykov is a great translator. He translated into Kazakh verses of V.V.Mayakovski, Ya.Kolos. Kakimbek Salykov was the deputy of the Supreme Council of Kazakh the Soviet Socialist Republic 8-9 convocations. He was the deputy of the USSR (1989-1991). He was awarded with the Lenin’s medal, two awards of a labor red banner, with the medal of friendship and many others.

He worked in various places, but never forgot about his motherland Kokshetau region. We can see it from his works like “Сағыныш сазыАнамның берген тәліміҚұлагерге:

Ән салма, қалқам

Ауылды аңсап мен барда

Ән салма, қалқам

Ауылды ансап сен барда

Көре алмадым

Баяғы коктем қарқының

Өзендерде сығылысқан сен бар ма?

Көрдіңдер ме

Биылғы дала жауының

Саф таза ауа

Орманды тоғай баурын

Естідедің дер ме,

Кісінегенің кұлыңның

Қонрау даусы

Сұранып бие сауыңның.