Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Burkitbaeva-Nukenova Raushan

Burkitbaeva-Nukenova Raushan

Burkitbaeva-Nukenova Raushan

Raushan Burkitbaeva-Nukenova - the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011), the member of the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers (2008), the member of the international PEN – club (2007), the member of Poetas del Mundo (Paris, 2014), the winner of the international competition of poetry named after Abay.


Her tendency to verbal creation at school was noticed by teachers of literature, predicting her glory on this hard, but fascinating path. However she chose other way – became the physician. She graduated with honors from the Karaganda’s medical institute, and worked ten years as the bacteriologist and the epidemiologist. But no one can change his destiny, and the desire to share the intimate took up in her soul. Collections of verses became a result of it – “I envy the sun”, “Love arabesques”, “Nomad love”, “Night mirrors”, “Sacrament of night”, “Pier of dreams”, “The coast of hopes”, etc.


Her favorite subject in school was a literature. She remarkably wrote compositions which then were read to all class. But she could not write them in time if the inspiration did not come to her. And the teacher forgave her this non-obligation and waited for week or two when the inspiration comes. She started to write verses since she studied in sevens grade. Subjects were different: love, nature, dreams. The interesting thing is that she liked to write verses on geography class, probably the teacher inspired her. Despite of her obvious talent and love to write verses, her parents insisted on that their daughter has to go to medical university after leaving school.



From the first time she could not pass into the university, therefore Raushan Burkitbaeva-Nukenova worked one year in regional library. For this year she read uncountable number of books having saved up the mass of information which had to be postponed for a long time in corners of her memory, and then she used it to write remarkable verses. For the second year she entered the medical institute. It is necessary to tell that she studied well, she was the Lenin’s scholar, pursued science, was the activist, went with various public delegations around the country, was the representative of the youth movement of the republic, visited the World festival of youth and students in Havana in 1977. After that festival she wrote the cycle of verses devoted to Cuba.



After graduating from the university she had diploma of heath officer. And more than ten years of her life she devoted to medicine. At the age of forty she realized that it is necessary to leave medicine and to be engaged only in creativity. From time to time she, of course, wrote stories, articles to newspapers, verses, but all this was frivolous. By that time there was a circle of creative friends who suggested an idea of the edition of the first book I Envy the Sun. Almost all student's verses, and more mature entered in it. This book became a push and break in creativity. After that she goes to Semipalatinsk to home of Abay, to his family estate, like thoughts, ideas and seriously started writing. Many verses which were included into the second book Love Arabesques were gathered. Further published her next book called “Nomad love”, then “Night mirrors” and “Sacrament of night”. And she wanted not to stop on reached, but also to develop and create further.