Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Issabaev Kalmukhan

Issabaev Kalmukhan

Issabaev Kalmukhan

Issabaev Kalmukhan was born on August 25, 1925 in village Bayanaul Pavlodar region. He is the writer, journalist, local historian, participant, of the Great Patriotic War, colonel in resignation. In 1943 after the termination of Bayanaul’s Kazakh high school he was called up for the Soviet military service. From 1943 to 1954 – the officer of the Soviet Army. After the war he served six more years in the German city, of Ilmenau as the commandant. After return to Kazakhstan, in 1954 he came to the “Социалистік Казахстан” newspaper, where worked about 30 years. In 1954-1985 - the literary employee of the newspaper called “Социалистік Казахстан”, the head of department of editorial office of the magazine “Жұлдыз”, the director of fiction promotion Bereau, at the Kazakhstan’s Union of writers. Since 1985 he turned to creative work.

In 1961 he graduated from philological faculty of KAZGU, and at the same year Kalmukhan on foot passed 565 kilometers on the way of construction of the Irtysh-Karaganda channel and was entitled “the guardsman of building”. The collection of his sketches published in 1962 in Kazakhstan publishing house “On routes of dream” became, a result of this travel. In 1964 this collection was published in Russian, and in 1966 there was a documentary story “Feats in the Steppe”. And in 1994, was published a book “Seagulls in the Steppe”, which also in a genre of a sketch diary recreates history of construction of the channel.

In 1959, the first collection of Issabaev’s stories was published under the name “Bayan”. Soon on scenes of Almaty theater of the young viewer and the Karaganda regional drama theater the play “The Embittered People” written by him in a co-authorship with the writer R. Raimkulov was played. In 196, publishing house “Zhazushy” published his story "In a Death Vice", in 1962 - the novel "Face to face", the collection of stories - "Mysterious House"; the collection of sketches "On roads of dream". To the twenties anniversary of a victory over fascist Germany his story “Karabala” was published. In 1966 publishing house “Zhazushy” released his novel “Flight of a falcon”. In 1967 Айкыз», «На перепутье» (1974), «Товарищ комендант» (1975), «На перевале» (1978), «Голубой ветер» (1978), «Клятва» (1982), «Русло», «Последний прием» (1987), «Счастливый миг» (1989), «Чон бий» (1993). His stories were translated, into languages if CIS and other foreign languages.

Issabaev was the first person from Kazakhstan, who wrote about life in Europe and his personal experience. Formation of the Kazakh intellectuals, military and labor feats of Kazakhstan is reflected in his creativity.

He was awarded with the order “Red star” (1945), “Labor Red Banner” (1975), Patriotic war of the I degree (1983) and medals. For vigorous public work and in connection with the 58 anniversary from the date of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, in 2003 Kalmukhan Issabayev with the decree of the President was awarded with the order “Құрмет”.