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Gabdullin Malik

Gabdullin Malik

Gabdullin Malik

Malik Gabdullin was born in 1916 in Zerendy area of Kokshetau region. The Kazakh, member of Communists Party of the Soviet Union. He was called up for Red Military service in July, 1941. For courage, an initiative and the shown heroism on January 30, 1943 M. Gabdullin was awarded with rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Malik was born that year when in the steppe the storm of people's wrath against tsarism stormed. In a year Great October revolution came true. Life of the Kazakh people, and together with the nomad Gabdulla began to flow on the new course.

Malik Gabdullin finished high school, graduated from Kazakh pedagogic institute named after Abai. After service in the ranks of Red Army he came to postgraduate study in 1938. Even in those years he was known as the tireless collector and the researcher of folklore, the author of a number of scientific works. In the end there was a master's thesis.

War… The young communist Gabdullin postponed favourite work, was in a district committee of party and asked to send him to a division under command of the major general I. V. Panfilov. The clay frozen entrenchment which was hastily dug out on the bank of Ruza's small river was the first military school for him.

In fights for the villages Shiryaevo, Rybushka, New Svinukhovo the Soviet soldiers under M. Gabdullin's command successfully carried out fighting tasks, caused to the opponent a notable loss.

“The village of Borodino — is specified in a prize leaf of the Hero — with fight fought off Germans, was an important strategic point from which a number of roads connected Germans to Old Russia. On our division located at the village, Germans threw a regiment “The dead head”. For failure of approach of Hitlerites the company of submachine gunners led by comrade Gabdullin was sent for blow from the right flank to the coming opponent. During the fight lasting about 7 hours comrade Gabdullin five times went to attack and counterattack and four times beat off attack of the Germans trying to bypass our division from the flank. In a course of action the opponent, having lost hundreds of soldiers killed and wounded, receded. The village Borodino remained for us”.

Malik passed big school of the political worker of the Soviet Army. He was the political leader of a rifle company, the commissioner of a battalion, the propagandist of a regiment of the 8th Guards shooting division. From January, 1943 to November, 1944 he was the propagandist of Kalinin’s political department, after the 1st Baltic fronts, the chief of group on work among fighters of a non-russian nationality of the Head Political Department of the Soviet Army.

The heroic commander, well-known in fields of bravery and skill of the soldier, the sensitive political worker who perfectly knew soul and heart of soldiers, the good linguist Malik Gabdullin combined all the best qualities of the army propagandist.

After the war Malik returned to the scientific work. He defended candidate, and then and doctor's theses. He was elected as the academician of pedagogical science Academy of Russian Socialistic Federative Soviet Republic. He was repeatedly elected as the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR, for many years worked as the rector of Almaty’s teacher training college. Nowadays professor, the academician Malik Gabdullin — the prominent philologist, heads department of literature and art Institute of KAZSSR, conducts productive scientific work. He was the member of many academic councils, the mentor of a big group of young scientists, the propagandist of military and historical knowledge. The hero of war, Malik became the recognized guardsman and the veteran of science of Kazakhstan.