Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Zhanaidarov Orynbai

Zhanaidarov Orynbai

Zhanaidarov Orynbai

Orynbai Zhanaidarov – author of 25 books of verses and prose, winner of the international award “Alash”, honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan.

Poet, member of Kazakhstan’s Union of writers. The winner of an award of journalists and film workers Association (1994), award of the Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the best play about Abay (1995), The international “Alash” literary award for the book of the translations of the Kazakh poetry at the XIII-XIX centuries “Озера степные” (“Lakes steppe”, 2000), the honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan.

He is the author of 25 books: “The night train” (1982), “I went the steppe of people” (1985). “The road on Tengiz” (1989), “Milky Way” (1991), “Lakes steppe” (1999), “Thousand windows to the steppe” (2001), “Dreams at sunrise” (2003), “Religion and mythology of ancient Turkic people” (2004), “Independence Day or comments to Thomas Jefferson” (2004), “Myths of ancient Kazakhstan” (2005), “Legends of ancient Kazakhstan” (2006), “The illustrated history of Kazakhstan since the most ancient times up to now”, in four volumes (2001 - 2006), etc.

At drama Russian theaters in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Kokshetau plays “About Wanderings Eternal” (1992), “Okzhetpes” (1994), “Flight of a moth” (2004) were played and go on a scene and now.

Interestingly works in a genre of science fiction and the detective. Stories “Radioactive Ram” (1991 No. 3), “Comprehension of UFO” (1993, No. 5-6, “Eternal winter” (1996 No. 3) are published in the “Niva” magazine. In the Kazakh language in magazine “Sary Arca” works “Submarine adventure” (1993, No. 2), in “Zhalyn” magazine “The manuscript found in Sary-Ozek” (1998), “Scope”, “Dreams at sunrise” (No. 3, 2000), “Youth” (2000 No. 11-12), “Friendship of the people”, “The manuscript found in Sary-Ozek” (2007 No. 6).