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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Mukayev Askar

Mukayev Askar

Mukayev Askar


I am, Mukayev Askar Baktygalievich, was born on August 2, 1985 in the village of Zatonnoye Ilekskogo, region of the Orenburg of the Russian Federation. I studied at high school in the village of Zatonnoye. After finishing 11 classes, I studied in teacher training college in the city of Orenburg, then - at the Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Both college, and university - as “Elementary school teacher”.

In 2012 I arrived to Kazakhstan, to Astana. I settled to work as the elementary school teacher in a gymnasium # 5 where I work at the present days. I started writing verses in 9 years, then it was primitive creations of the unripe author. At high school I left writing, but ability to literary creativity remained. In 20 years I returned to verses, I began to write on some poems in a day. Four years, from 20 to 22 year of my life, were the most productive. When began to work, verses appeared less often, life filled me entirely. Now I write also seldom, from time to time. Do I have talent, I cannot say for sure. I take the handle and paper in hand, and verses go by itself, images come, words develop in rhymes. I read poets and writers now seldom - employment affects, read more often before. My favorite poet - Yesenin, my many verses are written under his influence.

I would like to finish the autobiography with words of my poem:

“Хочу, чтоб не было проблем,

Чтоб Счастье другом было всем,

Чтобы Любовь была законом,

Единым, вечным словом.”