Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Zhamishev Abirash

Zhamishev Abirash

Zhamishev Abirash

Abirash Zhamishev was born in 1928 in village “Kzyl-tu” of Kyzyl-Orda region.

He graduated from Kazakh state university named after S.M Kirov, faculty journalism in 1950. He managed departments in newspapers “Социалисток Казахстан” (“Socialistic Kazakhstan”), “Казах адебиети” (“Kazakh adebieti”), “Жулдыз” (“Zhuldyz”).

A.Zhamishev’s first book of sketches “Доброе начало” (“The kind beginning”) was published in 1961. His first poetic collection “Утреннее сияние” (“Morning shine”) appeared in 1965. Following years his poetical books: “Silvery eyelashes” (1967), “The poured mirage” (1972), “My high stars” (1976), “Eminence” (1978), “Uneasy youth” (1979), “Eternal flames” (1980), and also books of sketches: “Steppe dawns” (1969), “Hello, the sun” (1974) were published.

In the early seventies A. Zhamishev published the monograph “Verses an unfading eye” and the collection of literary critiques “Talent and strictness”. It is known as the translator of gazelles of Hafiz and Fizuli of verses M. Kanatova, Riza Khalid.

A.Zhamishev’s works were translated into many languages of USSR. In 1965 his collection of poem and verses was published in Russian language.

He was awarded by medals “For valorous work. 100th anniversary since the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”, “For development of virgin lands”, Certificates of honor of the Kazakh Supreme Council of the Soviet Socialist Republic.