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Kumekov Bulat

Kumekov Bulat

Kumekov Bulat

Kumekov Bulat Eshmukhambetovich, the outstanding scientist, the academician of National Science Academy, the historian-orientalist, the expert in the field of medieval history of Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the Great steppe of Eurasia, historical geography, cartography and a source study in the Arab, Persian and Turkic written monuments of the IX-XVII centuries. He possesses the discovery of the Kimek’s state of the IX-XI centuries recognized by foreign scientists. He created school of sciences, developed the perspective direction-kipchakovedeniye which is a scientific problem of conceptual value of the Euroasian scale. The only International institute of a kipchakovedeniye in the world urged to coordinate researches of specialists in studying of history and culture of the Turkic world, the Arab East and the people of Eastern Europe is opened by him. Contacts and cooperation with scientific centers and the scientific USA, Hungary, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, England, France, China, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Armenia are set.

Kumekov Bulat Eshmukhambetovich was born in 1940 on August 5 in Taraz. In 1957 he entered the Average and Asian State university, on east faculty the Arab office. In 1961 he was directed on training to the Baghdad university for the purpose of improving knowledge of the Arabic language and literature. From December, 1963 to February, 1965 he was at work in Egypt, on the High-rise Aswan dam as the translator. From November, 1966 to November, 1969 he was affiliated in the Leningrad office of Institute of oriental studies of Science Academy of the USSR. In 1970 he defended the master's thesis on the subject “The State of Kimak of the IX-XI Centuries on the Arab Sources”. From 1974 to 1996 he was the Head of Department of ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstan. In 1994 he defended the doctoral dissertation in the form of the scientific report in Russia at Institute of oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) on the subject “The Arab Sources on Stories of Kipchak, Kuman and Kimek of the VIII-XIII Centuries”. From 1996 to 2007 I worked in Kazakh University of Humanities and Law (the department chair, the director of the Center of a kipchakovedeniye, the director of the International institute of a kipchakovedeniye). From January, 2008 to July, 2009 he worked as the Chief researcher at Institute of history and ethnography named after Ch. Ch. Valikhanov. Since August, 2009 the director of the International institute of a kipchakovedeniye at Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. Since September, 2012 till the present time he is professor of the Euroasian university named after L. N. Gumilev.

His productive scientific activity found reflection in numerous publications (more than 550), including 40 fundamental collective works, monographs and manuals. He prepared scarce shots of the top skills, 7 doctors and 13 candidates on historical sciences.

He was awarded by a medal, a breastplate for special merits in development of science of Kazakhstan, the Certificate of honor of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.