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Akhmet Baitursynuly
Kazangapuly Tattimbet

Kazangapuly Tattimbet

Kazangapuly Tattimbet

Tattimbet Kazangapuly (1815-1862) – kyuishi, dombrist, one of the founders of training school of kyui performances “Shertpe”. He is the author of more than 40 directions of kyui: “Косбасар” (“Kosbasar”), ”Саржайляу” (“Sarzhailau”), “Сары озен” (“Sary ozen”), “Терискакпай” (“Teriskakpai”), ”Былкылдак” (“Bylkyldak”), “Боз айгыр ” (“Boz aigyr”), “Балбырауын” (“Balbyrauyn”), “Кара жорга” (“Kara zhorga”) and others.

Tattimbet's kyus differ in the exciting generosity of feelings, depth, prevalence of the lyrical beginning. Musical language of Tattimbet’s compositions, despite feeling of simplicity at perception, is based on individual original means of the statement and finds complexity of performing style. Tattimbet is the bright representative of tradition “shertpe” to which characteristics as the philosophical relation to life, sensuality belong.

Top of creativity of Tattimbet was kyui “Кокейкесты” (“Kokeikesti”), created in the last years of life of the composer. Rich inner world of the people, their century art experience found reflection in it. In 1855 in St. Petersburg Tattimbet among representatives of musical art of Russia participated in a ceremony of coronation of Alexander II. St. Petersburg was fascinated by Tattimbet’s skillful game on a dombra, and he was awarded with a silver medal.

Now performers and popular writers of a creative heritage of Tattimbet are professional dombrists A. Khasenov, M. Khamzin, U. Bekenov. Many kyus of Tattimbet are used in chamber and tool, symphonic, opera works: kyuis “Bylkyldak”, “Kosbasar” in E. G. Brusilovsky's opera “Kyz Zhibek”, kyui “Sarzhailau” - in the movie “Jambyl”; on a basis of kyui “Sylkyldak” M. Sagatov wrote the play for a pipe accompanied orchestra.