Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Mazhitov Sattar

Mazhitov Sattar

Mazhitov Sattar

Mazhitov Sattar Fazylovich, doctor of philological science, professor, academician at Russian academy of natural science.

Main directions of scientific activity: Problems of the theory, history and historiography of Kazakhstan during modern and latest times; historical education; new information technologies in historical education; technique of teaching history; history of the people's liberation movement in Kazakhstan and Central Asia; history, policy and culture of Central Asia; modern history of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.

Scientific and pedagogical activity: The author of reviews to books of the President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbaev “На пороге XXI века” (“On a threshold of the XXI century”), “В потоке истории” (“In a history stream”), “Казахстанский путь” (“The Kazakhstan way”), the scientific and analytical report “Феномен казачества в Казахстане: региональные особенности” (“A Cossacks phenomenon in Kazakhstan: regional features”) (1995), and also numerous analytical materials and historical information.

The sections “Concepts of Formation of Historical Consciousness in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Concepts of Integration of Science and Education into the Republic of Kazakhstan”, a number of actual collective monographs are written by him.

He is the developer and the author of the first electronic textbooks “History of Kazakhstan” (generalizing a course, 2000), “History of Kazakhstan” (the 11th class, 2001), electronic didactic and multimedia grants (“History of Kazakhstan” 5-11 classes, “The person and society” the 11th class. Almaty, 2004) according to the Presidential Program of informatization of formation of Kazakhstan. The author of over 50 educational movies on history of Kazakhstan and a technique of its teaching.

Under the scientific management of him protected 1 doctor's and 6 master's theses. Research supervisor over 20 doctoral and master's theses.

Under his special edition over 20 textbooks on stories of Kazakhstan and a world history, which are used nowadays in educational process, were published. He is the author of the Standard program in history of Kazakhstan for higher education institutions of arts (2000), the coauthor of the Standard program in history of Kazakhstan for a bachelor degree on all specialties (2005), “The concept of the school textbook of history of Kazakhstan” (2005), etc. The Chairman of historical programs and projects of the Republican center of informatization of education of Ministry of science and education of Kazakhstan.

Mazhitov S.F. – the developer and the participant of large basic, applied researches and the priority directions of historical science of Kazakhstan, among which “Kazakhstan at the beginning of the XX century: history and a historiography”, “Historical thought of Kazakhstan at the beginning of the XX century”, “A historiography of modern and latest times”, “Problems of socio-political history of Kazakhstan of the period of XVIII – the middle of the XX centuries according to written materials and monuments to a national history of Kazakhs”, The encyclopedic reference book “To sovereign Kazakhstan – 10 years”, “Problems of methodology of history of Kazakhstan: formation of a new scientific paradigm”, etc. Since 2004 participates in realization of the State program “Cultural heritage”. Under its management a series of books in 20 volumes “Тарих – адамзат ақыл-ойының қазынасы” (“World historical thought”) in the Kazakh language was created. This edition was highly appreciated by the Kazakhstan and world community. Feature of scientific activity of Mazhitov S.F. is characterized by that practically all staff of Institute of history and ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov of Ministry of science and education of Kazakhstan, highly qualified specialists from regions of the republic, the near and far abroad participates in all scientific projects headed by him. Editor-in-chief of the International magazine “Отан тарихы. Отечественная история. History of the Homeland”.