Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Rakhimov Tursyngazy

Rakhimov Tursyngazy

Rakhimov Tursyngazy

Rakhimov Tursyngazy was born on October 15, 1951. Tursyngazy Rakhimov - the honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan, the winner of the first awards at competitions of singers and actors named after Kulyash Baiseitova, Estay, “Саз серілері” (“Saz serileri”), he is one of the founders of the Pavlodar regional philharmonic hall, the owner of “Certificate of honour” of the President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev, the head of dombra school, the honorable citizen of Tarbagatay district. The author consider as the mentor the outstanding Kazakh poet Mukagali Mukatayev, given him the blessing in far 1967. When Tursyngazy was a school student, Mukagali Makatayev stayed in their house and, having heard young Rakhimov's voice, he has predicted to him the big future and as it has appeared, wasn't mistaken.

“Since the childhood I have been delighted with Mukagali Makatayev's verses. Ability to feel pity, empathize, create good, to be merciful - the main criteria in an assessment of the person and a keynote of all his creativity. In 30 years I have written 30 songs on Makatayev's works. I go on all regions of the country and I give the concerts devoted to him” – said Tursyngazy Rakhimov.

Among the songs written on M. Makatayev's words, such as “Сәби болғым келеді” (“Sabi bolgym keledi”), “Ерке жирен” (“Erke zhiren”), “Келші қарғам шашыңнан иіскейін” (“Kelshi kargam shashynnan yiskeiyn”), “Отыздан асып барамын” (“Otyzdan asyp baramyn”) and many others. In 1994 the collection of songs of Tursyngazy Rakhimov was published.