Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Ryabtsovskaya Raisa

Ryabtsovskaya Raisa

Ryabtsovskaya Raisa

Ryabtsovskaya Raisa was born in Altay. Finished school and university in Kyrgyzstan.


More than 30 years I live and work in Aktau. Specialty: interpreter from French. I have work experience with foreigners. I am interested in painting. I have started writing verses since I was one year student. Prose later. Now I am the author of thirty books. Published books: psychological novel “А жаль” (“That is pity”), “Встреча в сентябре” (“Meeting in September”), “Французские нюансы” (“French nuances”), “Потрясающе!” (“How thrilling!”), “Капитан Галактики” (“Captain of Universe”), fiction novel “Земной рай” (“Earthly paradise”). The first collection of verses: First collection of verses: “Ах, Любовь” (“Ah, Lyubov”) on 560 p. (here have entered my 20 songs and romances together with notes); the first collection of Rubai and the second collection of a rubai “Любовь – это когда...” (“Love is when...”). Five more books are completely ready to the edition: psychological novel “Хирурги” (“Surgeons”); ironic novel “Удивляешься, открывая” (“You Is Surprised, Opening”). Collections of verses: “В лабиринтах мгновений” (“In labyrinths of moments”); “Сонета нежная печаль” (“Sonnet gentle grief”); “Лунная дорожка” (“A lunar path”).