Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Bayanbaev Kastek

Bayanbaev Kastek

Bayanbaev Kastek

Kastek Bayanbaev was born in 1936 in village Taldybulak of Taldykorgan region. Having left secondary school, he worked in collective farm. In 1960 he becomes the literary employee of the Alakul regional newspaper. Subsequently he worked in editorial offices of inter district and regional newspapers. From 1971 to 1976 he managed edition of children's literature in “Zhazushy” publishing house. Now — the deputy chief editor of “Zhalyn” publishing house. Member of CPSU.


In 1972 K. Bayanbaev graduated from faculty of journalism of the Kazakh state university named after S.M. Kirov.


He engaged in literary activity since the beginning of the sixtieth years. His first verses were published on the pages of magazine “Pioner”, newspapers “Kazakhstan pioneri” and “Leninshil zhas”.


In 1962 his first collection of verses for children — “Скакун” (“Racer”) was published. In the next years — collections of verses “Старик-левша” (“Old man lefthander”, 1964), “Подарок детям” (“A gift to children”, 1966), “Письмо человеку” (“The letter to the person”, 1966), “Добрый день»” (“Good day”, 1969), “Ильич и охотник” (“Ilyich and the hunter”, 1970), “Чайки белокрылые” (“White-winged seagulls”, 1973), “Богатыри под шатром” (“Athletes under a tent”, 1974), “Удивительный мир” (“The amazing world”, 1976), “Огонек” (“Spark”) (1977), “Птичье молоко” (“Pigeon's milk”, 1978) were published.


K. Bayanbaev translated into Kazakh and published the separate book of verses of the Belgian poet E. Verkharn, the Soviet poets of S. Danilov, 3. Alexandrova, I. Tokmakova, number of verses of A. Bartho, S. Mikhalkov, A. Isaakyan and others.


K. Bayanbaev's verses are included in the training program of initial classes.


K. Bayanbaev was awarded by a medal “For valorous work. In commemoration of the 100 anniversary since the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”.