Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Ibraev Mergali

Ibraev Mergali

Ibraev Mergali

Mergali Zhangalievich Ibraev was born in village Karauyl of Abay area in 1942. He was journalist, playwright, poet and prose writer. After the termination of philological faculty at Semipalatinsk teacher training college he sometime edified at schools. But early shown thirst for creativity brought him into editorial office of the regional newspaper “Sovkhoz Tuy” - on a journalistic path which he remained true until the end of his life.

The most pressing and burning issues of area, modern youth are lifted by him on pages of the republican newspaper “Leninshil Zhas” (nowadays “Zhas Alash”), being own correspondent of Semipalatinsk area.

Already in the first publications the originality of his style was shown. In the late seventies of the XX century M. Ibraev was invited in the regional newspaper “Semey Tany”. Years of work in editions were years of active creative work for the writer. His verses, poems were published in a republican and local press. Safely tried his talent and in dramatic art. A product of this activity were collections of verses “Стальной тулпар” (“Stalnoi tulpar”), “Блики на воде” (“Bliki na vode”), “Достойное наследие” (“Dostoynoe nasledie”), “Горы в серебре” (“Gory v serebre”). Performances according to his plays “Жигер” (“Zhiger”), “Неистовый дух” (“Neistovyi duh”), “Шакарим” (“Shakarim”), “Калкаман-Мамыр” (“Kalkaman-Mamyr”) and others were played at the theaters.

His play “Zhiger” (“Obsession” or “Violent spirit”) recreated an image of the great composer and democrat Kurmangazy, the bright representative of national classical music whose name is known far outside the republic. On the death of Issatay Kurmangazy composed the first kuyi “Kishkentai” full of burning, revenges and indignation. It was the beginning of a big career. Kurmangazy - the author of more than 500 kuyis (only 60 of them were found) where the subject of eternal love stands out. And this obsession in life and Kurmangazy's creativity couldn't not attract Mergali Ibraev.

Mergali Ibrayev is an author of historical novel dilogy “Жоғалған өзен” (“The withered course”).

The considerable tape was brought by Mergali Ibraev to revival of historical cultural wealth, national traditions, national language and culture. On this subject were written a big series of articles.

Besides, M. Ibraev is the author of a number of popular songs, music to the performance of “Kalkaman-Mamyr” was also written by him. One more side of his talent - research - was brightly shown during work in editorial office of the republican magazine “Abai”. He was one of those who stood at the origins of revival of this edition.

For vigorous scientific-journalistic activity M. Ibraev has been conferred to a rank of the Winner of a republican award named after B. Kenzhebayev. On November 2, 1997 life of this remarkable poet, journalist, playwright has broken.