Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
Akhmet Baitursynuly
Khakimzhanova Mariyam

Khakimzhanova Mariyam

Khakimzhanova Mariyam

Mariyam Khakimzhanova was born in 1906 in Kostanai region.

After the termination of workers' faculty at the Almaty Kazakh teacher training college she worked as the responsible secretary of the magazine “Ayel tendigi” (nowadays “Kazakhstan ayelderi”), she directed department of national akyns of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, worked in the “New Life” magazine and in the Kazakh publishing house of fiction.

Her first collection of verses “Песни моей женешег” (“Pesni moei zhenesheg”) appeared in 1935. In post-war years collections of verses “Маншук” (“Manshuk”, 1945), “Любовь матери” (“Love of mother”, 1951), “Первая песня” (“First song”, 1958), “Сердце матери” (“Mother’s heart”, 1958), “Малыш мой — стих мой” (“My kid — my verse”, 1959), “Душа матери” (“Soul of mother”, 1961), “Весна матери” (“Spring of mother”, 1963), a biographic sketch “Маншук” (“Manshuk”, 1965), and “Легенда о цветке” (“A legend of flower”, 1970) were published.

Works of poetess were translated into Russian. She is the author of the translations of Kyrgyz poet A. Tokombayev and I. Dik’s story “Огненный ручей” (“A fiery stream”).

She was awarded with the medals “For Valorous Work in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945.”, “For Labor Excellence”, the Certificate of honor of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.