Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Suleimenov Askar

Suleimenov Askar

Suleimenov Askar

Askar Suleimenov was born in 1938 in village Shornak of Shymkent region. He graduated from Kazakh pedagogic institute named after Abai, historic – philology faculty and got doctoral degree at the same university. He worked in editorial offices of the magazine “Zhuldyz”, in film producing company “Kazakhfilm” and in the office of the Writers’ Union Of Kazakhstan. Since 1975 headed the literary part of the Kazakh Drama Theatre named after M.O. Auezov.

A.Suleymenov is the author of the prosaic book “После полудня” (“In the afternoon”) and about three tens articles concerning literature and art: “Два слова о форме” (“Two words about a form”), “Натянутая тетива тугого лука” (“The tense bowstring of hard onions”), “Серые скакуны Такена” (“Gray racers of Taken”), “Лицом к лицу с бытием” (“Face to face with life”) and others.

He is the author of film scripts of feature films “Кулагер” (“Kulager”, in a co-authorship with Bulat Mansurov), “Люди и кони” (“People and horses”), and also drama dialogue “Месть” (“Revenge”).

He translated into Kazakh plays “Добрый человек из Сезуана” (“The Kind Person from Szechwan”) of B. Brecht, “Каждому свое” (“Each to their own”) of S. Alyoshina, “Бунт невесток” (“Revolt of daughters-in-law”) of S. Ahmad and others.