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Nobody writes the literature for a pride, it borns from the character, also it satisfies the needs of nation...
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Seraliev Nasreddin

Seraliev Nasreddin

Seraliev Nasreddin

Nasreddin Seraliev was born in 1930 in village Kashkansu of Kyzyl-Orda region. He studied in normal school in Kyzyl-Orda, then at teacher training college named after N. V. Gogol at faculty of language and literature. After the graduation of institute he worked in editorial offices of the regional newspaper “Lenin zholy”, “Pioner” and “Baldyrgan” magazines, own correspondent of the regional newspaper “Southern Kazakhstan”. Now — the responsible secretary of the Chimkent interregional office of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan. Member of CPSU.

First story of N. Seraliyev “Маленькие строители” (“Little builders”) was published in the “Pioner” magazine in 1952. There were collections of stories “Неотточенный карандаш” (“Not Perfected Pencil”, 1956) and “Честь” (“Honour”, 1959).

He published several books for children: “Белый козленок и черный козленок” (“A white kid and black kid”, 1961), “Ангелек” (“Angelek”, 1964), “Акбопе” (“Akbope”, 1966). Author of collections of stories: “Белая береза” (“Silver birch”, 1967), “Горячая лепешка” (“Hot flat cake”, 1969), “Стужа” (“Icy cold”, 1971), “Крылья” (“Wings”, 1972), “Новые отавы, первая любовь” (“New aftermaths, the first love”, 1975), “Небо чистое, после дождя” (“A clear sky, after a rain”, 1977), “Внуки старика Даукена” (“The old man Dauken's grandsons”, 1978).

In 1974 the feature television movie “Frog and Edelweiss” (“Kazakhtelefilm”) created according to N. Seraliyev's scenario has come out.

He translated a number of works of A. Gaidar, I. Kotlyarevsky, S. Baruzdin, V. Razumnevich.